Manual 365/136 The Largest Flower In The World!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was worried that because of the emergence of the Oil Seed Rape flower my blog was going to turn yellow and now that the crop is in full flower I think I’ve managed to stop myself from cataloguing every field around here but this afternoon while out walking with my daughter (That’s becoming a bit of a habit that we’re going to continue) we were walking along the aforementioned field of yellow and I remembered a photo that Tim Peake (You know, the guy currently on the ISS) posted on Flickr a couple of weeks ago of the South coast of the UK complete with yellow fields, clearly visible, you can see his picture here. Those fields of yellow, reflected colour from countless petals of tiny flowers. Ok, mono crops, sure, but wow!

Smile Guys, The Universe Can See Us! DSC_0010-2.jpgThis weekend I have walked for miles, for the majority of it accompanied by the kids and it’s been an absolute joy even if I do ache a bit now. And I’ve been back to my favourite tree.DSC_0025-Pano.jpg

It’s a panoramic composition and when I do actually get around to printing the detail and size is going to be breath taking.

And my last for today,

DSC_0040.jpgThe road out of Stourton.

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Manual 365/124 Gandalf’s Getting A Bit Horse…

The A412 Buckingham by-pass is quite a busy road but I heard his call and I did not pass.
DSC_0002-Edit-3.jpgI often pass wood carvers on my travels but today I had the opportunity to stop and take a closer look. It’s always intrigued me how someone can take a tool as savage as a chainsaw and turn out the amazing sculptures they do and now I know… Tiny little bars!

I kid, it must take some work and dedication to turn out the work that was on display. A darn sight harder than just rocking up with a camera and catching some photons!

Thanks to


And JasonDSC_0027-Edit

The creators of The Wood Peakers Fantashtic Creations thanks for being so welcoming and even striking a pose!


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Manual 365/84 Never Underestimate The Power Of The Old…

Admittedly some will just die and rot. DSC_9892.jpg
But there are others who will show the rest the way!DSC_9913.jpg


The Ancient Oaks Of Windsor Great Park

I once heard a story that the reason there’s not a great deal of really old oak trees in the south of England was because of the Tudor Navy, commissioned by Henry VIII . The wood requirement to build the forbearer of the Royal Navy was so great that any straight, mature oak in the Kingdom became the property of The Crown and swiftly turned into planks. Unless they were growing within the hunting grounds, estates or gardens of the then great and good (rich). Hence the number you can spot around Windsor, Marlborough and the like. How true this is I would love to know.

I love the fact that the first tree I’ve seen really putting some effort into spring is an Old English Oak! Long may the Old Bugger burst forth and I’ll make this promise. I will collect an acorn from him in the autumn and that acorn will be planted, nurtured and established. where I know not, but somewhere poignant to me and maybe in 500 years his offspring will be bursting forth and showing the rest the way!




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Woodpecker Lodge


I have to admit, this is one of my favourite pictures I have taken to date. It is of a sad dead tree, destined never to reach the heights of the surrounding trees. But, even in death it still provides for countless insects, fungi’s and organisms which in turn are feeding birds of many varieties. Most notably Woodpeckers which have also made it home.

I’m sure that in a few years time a storm or natural decay will cause it to fall and eventually it will be reabsorbed into the woodland floor. I hope it’s not to soon though, I would love to spend some time trying to capture some shots of its residents.