Tick, Tick, Tick… Tick!

Tick tick tick tick! And that’s only the ones that we’ve found….

DSC_5400But, as ever, when you’re walking about in the countryside the level of insect menace varys.

Just for the record, I would prefer to be covered in slightly battered, blue butterflies when I get home than some tiny little vicious blood suckers!


Breaking The Rules

Shooting wildlife with a 35mm prime… Who the hell does he think he is?…


Kinda works though and it’s sooo much sharper than my 18-105mm kit lens.


These guys were very much into each other and so much more elegant than the duck thugs rampaging up the other end of the lake! I must remember to take my 300mm next time, nowhere near as fast as the prime lens but, with the right settings, I might be able to catch them displaying and dancing.

Shot on Fonthill Lake, near Tisbury, Wiltshire. I’ll be back there tomorrow.

Manual 365/343 Mute Threat

dsc_3359-editHe wasn’t that happy but he managed to maintain his composure and this photographer didn’t push his luck too much!

I’ve really tried to get texture into my shots today and I think I’ve managed it. with the grumpy swan and with the Wylye Troll…dsc_3388-editAperture wide open at full tilt (105mm) and it was the middle of the day (lunch break) so the light wasn’t brilliant so ISO400. I am starting to notice the noise in some of my edits, you can reduce it in Lightroom but it’s always there. And if the troll is making your head hurt it’s a fallen tree half submerged in the deep and calm River Wylye and then rotated 90 degrees…

Messing with your mind Peeps! ;o) xxx

Manual 365/336 Slim Pickings!


It might look very nice at this time of year but under the frosting and clear blue skies the struggle is just beginning for those who don’t shop at Tescos and haven’t got a nice warm radiator to cuddle up to. And, I know I’m anthropomorphising, but I’m positive this Kestrel gave me a shitty look as it perched in a tree (less energy than hovering) scanning the undergrowth for dinner and soaking up the little bit of warmth from the near set sun, then I pull up and start fuffing, farting and f*cking about with exposure compensations (+2 stops to get the detail in the bird against a brighter sky)  I only managed to get the one shot before it had had enough and buggered off but one’s better than nothing! ;o)

Peace Peeps!x

Manual 365/324 (late) Sploosh!

DSC_2226.JPGNo blog yesterday so catch up time and a little bit of time spent up the in my go to rescue place, Stourhead! The light was gorgeous after a dull, overcast day the cloud thinned just before sunset and the Moorhens were feeding close into the bank and not to bothered who was watching…DSC_2212.JPGDSC_2172-Pano.JPGPeace Peeps! x

Manual 365/323 Don’t Believe The Hype…

Well, here we are again, the time of year where massive multi-billion pound corporations bombard you with stories of loneliness and loveliness to guilt trip you into buying stuff from them but this is not about that.

One in particular has got my goat though and today’s shot gives me the chance to have a bit of a rant… dsc_1682

The 2016 Waitrose advert  would have you believe that the little Robin is quite a plucky, adventurous little chap, facing adversary on his long travels but being friendly enough to share his Waitrose Best Plumb and Mince Pie with his jolly chum at the end of it… Truth of the matter is, Robins are sedentary birds with small territories which they guard jealously and this fellow is more likely to peck out the eyes of any interloper than feed him! But hey ho, why let a bit of fact get in the way of a fluffy, nice story!

And, while I’m in this nice forgiving mood, take a look at this,

it’s well worth a watch.

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/292 *Sighs* Have You Learnt Nothing…

So, One of the things I have been longing to photograph are Red Kites, they’ve become prolific around the Chilterns and Buckinghamshire and have started to migrate West. They are most definitely a success story as far as reintroductions are concerned. I, on the other hand, was not very successful , when I happened across a very unlucky and very dead pheasant in the road just outside Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire circling above were five Red Kites and a Buzzard (both species are extremely lazy birds of prey and mostly rely on others to do the killing bit)


I managed to pull over safely not too far away and attach my 50-300mm, adjust my exposure compensation to +3 stops to catch the colour in the bird underside against a featureless sky and fire away…Unfortunately, I forgot to set my shutter speed to match or exceed my focal length, 200th sec against a 280mm and 300mm shot (I know, it gets complicated with crop factors ect. but I just use it as a rule of thumb and to be honest my D3300 auto focus is good but not spectacular!) as a result there is some camera shake that makes the images a little blurry but I do love the detail which was helped by the exposure compensation so not all bad! ;o)

dsc_8460Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/285 Mini… Mininunin… Miniimminmul… Just A Little Bit!

If there’s one thing I really love about this challenge it’s the different styles of photography that’s out there. Sometimes I’ll see something on Instagram, 500px or even on Facebook and think, I can do that… Or more often, I’ll try and have a go at that. dsc_7472-edit-2I’ve always loved minimalist black and white photography and this morning offered up the prime, non-long exposure opportunity. Early morning, a still lake, mist and a Great Crested Grebe.

A 10 stop ND filter is most definitely on my wish list for Landscape and Cityscape shots but it wouldn’t do any good with a wildlife shoot unless you nailed your subject to a branch. That tends to be frowned upon and the flying feathers cause motion blur anyway. So, all in all, really proud of this shot! ;o)

Shot at Sheerwater, just outside Warminster in Wiltshire this morning.

Peace Peeps! x