Manual 365/366 Well, Here We Are!

My last post on my Manual challenge… I could go on about how, through the help of others, I have begun to master the art of photography, to place my own stamp on my work and to think that little bit differently, to see that bit more. I could say how my confidence in myself has grown and how I am better able to accept constructive critique, enable the ignorant and ignore the arrogant.

I could do all of that but actually, I think I’ll end this with the most important thing in my life…dsc_7456-editMy family.

(and my daughters previously unknown ability to shoot water from her fingertips…)

To those who come here often, you know who you are, thank you so so much!

And to All, may I wish you a happy and prosperous 2017!

Here’s to the next 7 billion mile trip around the sun and all the photons to capture that will bring!

Just call me 365 Warrior Peeps! ;o) XXXXX


Manual 365/364 On A Mission…

DSC_7309.JPGThis time of year you need to make sure you’re correctly suited and booted for whatever the world can throw at you… And my advice? Wear Wellies!DSC_7313-Pano.JPGAnd that’s another one ticked off the list for the year, a beautiful lady under a waterfall!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/355.1 The Great Optimist…

This place makes things…dsc_5721It makes happy dogs. I know most dogs are happy whatever the weather but there’s something that just pops when these guys get too the beach…

It kinda works on photographers too!


Needed an early (dark) start to get the mile and a half to Tresaith but it was most definitely worth it!

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/354 Sentinels

dsc_5537-hdr-editAlways, always check for your memory card before traipsing half a mile to a cliff top only to find the slot in the side of the camera empty… Then, make sure you check all your pockets before walking all the way back only to find said memory card in the pocket of your jeans among the lose change… *shakes head!*

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/353 Salty…

A moment of solidarity, co-ordination between father and son and 15 seconds of magic that will remain with us forever…dsc_5519

“It looks like you’re both peeing…” was the critique from Kayleigh…

We weren’t but the damage is done, this will forever be known as the peeing photo. In the mean time, this won’t be there tomorrow.


“Every little bit helps!” said the old lady pissing into the sea!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/352 *Waves* Croeso Nol!

dsc_4227Memories from the summer but we’re just around the corner from here, unpacking and getting ready to spend the next two weeks shooting, chillin’, drinking, eating and shooting some more and ok, I really don’t expect August Sunrises in December I’m sure there’s going to be something special!

Heddwch Peeps!

Manual 365/248 What?!?

“More Seascapes!!!” I hear you cry! DSC_1561-Pano-EditFraid so Peeps, been a lazy, lazy day looking through some of my shots from the last week and having a pano fest! I loved the colour from yesterday morning but my other love is moody skies in black and white, so… I’m indulging myself one last time before I go back to work. I hope you don’t mind!DSC_1567-Pano-EditDSC_1644-Pano-Edit.jpg

I have put, what I consider my best shots from Aber Porth into an album on 500px, take a look and you can see a lot of my other work on this site too. Go look, see! ;o)

Peace peeps! xxx

P.S. Graham is still set to complete his JOGLE tomorrow,an amazing feat! There’s still plenty of time to donate.

Manual 365/246 Mwnt, It Rhymes with… Punt…

DSC_4121-PanoWhile I was getting my long exposures last night I got chatting with a local and he mentioned a little beach, just south of Aber Porth,  called Mwnt, I asked him to repeat the name just in case I heard wrong, I didn’t and immediately, so I wouldn’t forget it, associated it with Punt (honestly, what other word would rhyme with Mwnt that would stick in my mind?… Ok, Ok, that one too but I am trying to keep this clean Gutter Brain!) The sunsets are apparently amazing from the top of the hill, unfortunately the sky has become cloudy and I’ve had a end of holiday beer so I won’t be going back this evening and this is the last night of the holiday (BOOOO!) But, we are intending to come back over Christmas, I was told that the sea “comes alive” In the winter and I would love to see that in this setting.

If you’re ever down this neck of the woods well worth a visit. The sand is glorious and the waves large and there’s a good chance you’ll spot Dolphins, Seals or Basking Sharks.


Long drive home tomorrow… Thank you West Wales, you’ve been amazing!

Heddwch Peeps! xxx