The Wylye Jungle

dsc_7502-editJust up the way from Teapot Street… Honestly!


Be Like Liquid

Strange times… I’m enjoying the fact that I’m not having to chase a shot for the day and actually enjoying seeing more and not constantly thinking I must get my camera. I know that means there’s going to be times when I miss a shot but sometimes you need to see things rather than look at things through the viewfinder.

I also have the chance to meander back through the 50,000 or so shots I got last year and maybe tweak one or two, strange though, that many shots and I can remember every single day, where it was and how I was feeling, for someone who had a job to remember last week that’s quite a mind funk!

Where Nant Howni Meets The Seadsc_6426Just a simple picture but a complex switch, like old music, or a long forgotten smell that clicks in an instant.

They promise -6 tonight and there’s a great spot on my way in to work in the morning, best leave early then! ;o)

Manual 365/358 At Last…

All year I’ve had one shot stalking about in the back of my mind and today… I got it!DSC_6468.JPGI know it’s been done a million times before but they’re different, they’re not mine. This one is. I’d gone down to the beach earlier and watched as the outgoing tide exposed a shard of rock. At first, I thought it was just the tip of a much larger boulder but when I managed to get close and give a kick it moved and I think I squeaked! Then I got my gloves wet, moved it to just inside the breakwater. plunged it into the sand and retreated to a safeish distance, 13 seconds at 66mm, f/16 and ISO100 and pop! ;o) The D3300 is a bugger for focusing at low light but this is bang on! This blogger is one happy bunny!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/347 Dark Flight

dsc_5261Even if you think there isn’t a shot, there probably is.

My day involved a 440 mile round trip on one of the dullest, shortest days of the year and things were getting desperate but there’s always Caen Flight in Devises and I was scooting around the usual A350 snarl up. It didn’t look promising…dsc_5262…but low cloud and reflected streetlights came to the rescue. (I am not endorsing light pollution, honestly I would have much preferred moonlight) Ok, I had to jack the ISO right up to 3200 and the shutter was open for 13 seconds so if you pixel peep the noise is horrendous and there’s no detail in the shadows. But I like

I even managed to get a HDR composite using three shots at ISO200, 800 and 3200dsc_5258_hdrSo, tip for tonight… Embrace the darkness and don’t fall in the canal…

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/324 (late) Sploosh!

DSC_2226.JPGNo blog yesterday so catch up time and a little bit of time spent up the in my go to rescue place, Stourhead! The light was gorgeous after a dull, overcast day the cloud thinned just before sunset and the Moorhens were feeding close into the bank and not to bothered who was watching…DSC_2212.JPGDSC_2172-Pano.JPGPeace Peeps! x

Manual 365/Sunday Bonus!

Why?, Because I want too, that’s why!

dsc_6862-pano-edit2×3 Panorama of Stourhead Gardens taken this morning and stitched together in Photoshop. I also have a short video of the spot on my Instagram account, just search for focalthingy over there and you get the scenery with sound! Modern tech eh, isn’t it amazing! ;o)

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you laters!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/279 Ooo, This Is A Tough One…

I kind of set the bar high with yesterday’s blog, where the hell do I go now? dsc_6547I go to Stourhead, that’s where I go! The days have been so kind to us so far this autumn, even if the trees haven’t been! It’s coming though, it’s changing every day and believe me, I’m noticing it! ;o)dsc_6558If you around this neck of the woods the gardens are open late for the autumn colours so make the most cause it’ll be flat and grey before you can say “What summer?”

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/276 Because I’m Easy…

Oooo, I’m early! Normally Sunday mornings mean lay-in, fuzzy head and carpet mouth… But not this morning, up before 6 and out the door by half past, The Sun came up at just gone seven and I was getting wet feet from the dew in a field next to a misty lake…dsc_6229Challenging settings and to be honest I should have used the tripod, tighter apeture and longer exposures but, on the whole, I got a few shots I like.dsc_6191-pano

dsc_6259dsc_6250-editFonthill Lake, Wiltshire.

Peace Peeps!