Manual 365/284 And The Weather Is…

Still bloody wonderful! ;o)dsc_7413-pano-2Shot from the top of Westbury White Horse.dsc_7396-pano-editThere is definitely a chill in the air but it’s blowing in from Scandinavia so it’s keeping the really dull shite out in the Atlantic, long may it continue.

And there endeth the meteorological lesson for today.

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/213.5 The Motorway Footpath

A group of lads cycling across the Severn Bridge asked the hung over photographer to get a shot of them with their phones so he took the opportunity to get a panorama too. Cheers Fellas!DSC_7564-Pano-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps!

Manual 365/164 A Lapse In… Bloody Hell It Worked!

Over the last few days I’ve been trying out a few different methods to add a little something to my blog. Today I thought I’d give timelapse a go, now I will admit, I don’t own a Intervalometer (remote programmable shutter release thingy) so had to sit with my finger on my dirt cheap IR remote shutter button thingy for nearly an hour but to be honest, the view was great and the tunes were good so no biggy!

I did make a bit of an error shooting in RAW, it helped with the editing of the shots but the size of each file is over 15 megs which makes the entire film at least 17.2 gigs… I am using a plugin from to render the film in Lightroom which is chugging away… Slowly… in the background while I write this and I don’t know if the files going to be that big when it finishes but I think I could well be posting a link to it’s location rather than loading it up to WordPress… We’ll see how I get on.DSC_2230.jpg

Bloody hell, it worked!  Because I’m a tight arse and won’t upgrade WordPress it won’t let me post the video here but follow this link to the my first ever time lapse effort!

Focalthingy Timelapse Thingy!

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/139 Just ‘Scaping!

Same view, different focal lengths.


The forecast for today had been rain, rain and more rain so I was a little surprised to get these shots from the A350 between the A303 and Warminster looking back across towards Long Knoll.

55mmDSC_0028.jpgThere was a slight pang of disappointment though, I didn’t spot a single Charlie! (Hint, click on his cover photo! 🙂

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/91 More Rama

I could add a “D” but I won’t… So “Pano” it is then!


Revisit to Birdlip this afternoon and 5 shots blended using Photoshop and edited in Lightroom and a mahoosive 45.5mb of image. I can’t help feel that I need more sky in it though… And it needs to be printed!

And to all my work colleagues who got a card thrust into their hands earlier… Hello, you are obligated to click all the links below! And unfortunately Quedgeley is just off to the left.





I also have new glass so Focalthingys… um… focalthingy now stretches from 18 to 300mm… My oh my, what fun* am I going to have with that?

DSC_0450-Edit.jpg300mm @ f/13, 1/10sec. ISO100

*long distance photos of churches**

**That’s just weird!


Peace Peeps and thanks Grandad! x





Manual 365/56 Dear Doctor Foster…

Gloucester City have offered the following statement:

“Whilst we sympathise with Dr Foster for his misfortune we feel that the integrity of this fair city need to be defended; Let it be known that there were a number of factors that were not mentioned in the original claim made in the Gloucester and Forest Herald. Namely, Dr Fosters’ demure stature contributed to his predicament and that due to central government cuts “category 1” potholes can now have a depth of 1.1 meters and must be repaired by the 38th Julember in all cases. It was unfortunate that Dr Foster chose to stop at the The Air Balloon Public House for (confirmed by signed affidavits) 3 pints of Guinness with Gin chasers and a large brandy “For the road” before carrying on. If Dr Foster had checked he also would have been aware that at this particular time of year was renowned for being a bit rainy. *rainy season in Gloucester runs from January 1st through December 31st

And finally, Gloucester City used to run a bus service to Cirencester which would have elevated the need for Dr Foster to be walking but, due to the number of wheels being nicked, this route had been suspended. Gloucester City can not be held responsible for this fact.”

Gloucester and into Wales From BirdlipDSC_7769.jpgFL 18mm @ f/22, 1/40 sec, ISO 100 (With tripod and 10 sec delay to stop camera shake)

Ah, the return of The Golden Hour! It’s been a long time coming but this lovely crisp cold snap we’re experiencing is great for it. I will admit that todays shots are from yesterday and apologise for yesterdays weak effort but the internet connection in the hotel was non existent and I haven’t the patience or mobile plan to be uploading photos over 3G.

DSC_7861.jpgBelted Galloway’s (Little bit of politics) FL 18mm @ f/8.0, 1/40 sec, ISO 100

DSC_7877.jpgGeorgie FL 55mm@ f/8,0, 1/40sec, ISO 100

And, cause I like the star burst effect of a really tight aperture my f/22 @ 1/640 sec…DSC_7775.jpgI’ve converted to B&W because the rest of the picture was under exposed and the greens looked bloody awful and I think the shadows work.

Peace Peeps! x




Manual 365/52 Superman’s Buggered!

Well, he is if he ever goes to East Knoyle. he might become a little more educated though… Or hooked on Mills and Boon!


I stumbled across this little beauty on my way back from the Golden Two And A Half minutes the UK seems to be experiencing lately.

DSC_7410Focal length 55mm, Aperture f/5.6 Shutter speed 1/100 sec, ISO 100

This is the best it could do, taken from The Green looking across the Backmore Vale. As the sun dropped lower the cloud cover increased so there was no chance of even a glimpse.


Earlier on today I popped up Turners Paddock to have a bit of a mooch about and walked a little further on than last time to where a spring rises out of the ground and there are two derelict buildings the bigger built using local green sandstone and the lesser built using flint local to the forest. They offered up a couple of shots. I have no idea what the buildings used to be but they follow an indent that was probably once a flowing brook.



DSC_7257.jpgThings are still most definitely in Winter mode but there is promise!

And to finish, a black and white offering looking back across to the gardens.DSC_7360.jpg

All in all, it’s been a busy day, I’ve even managed to get a web page up and running. Have a look at and let me know what you think. They also host blogs so I’m going to post this there and see how it goes.

Still Twittering, Facebookthingy and Flickring

PS Peeps: If you want to view the pics in greater detail click on my Flickr link, you can zoom in and the metadata is there too… You nerd!