Breaking The Rules

Shooting wildlife with a 35mm prime… Who the hell does he think he is?…


Kinda works though and it’s sooo much sharper than my 18-105mm kit lens.


These guys were very much into each other and so much more elegant than the duck thugs rampaging up the other end of the lake! I must remember to take my 300mm next time, nowhere near as fast as the prime lens but, with the right settings, I might be able to catch them displaying and dancing.

Shot on Fonthill Lake, near Tisbury, Wiltshire. I’ll be back there tomorrow.


Manual 365/170 Pulling In Tight

Over the last few days the views have been huge and continuously changing so when I had a bit of time to kill this morning I decided to concentrate a little closer in. I was parked in a quiet country lane near Tisbury waiting to start work that was bordered by hedgerows that were absolutely brimming with life, from fresh, threatening thistles.


To a mass of busy Bumble Bees gathering their bounty from the wild flowers hidden among the tall grasses.



The views might be somewhat smaller but this little section of hedgerow is so much more busy than any stormy sky!

Perfect peace Peeps! x