Faces of Boa #5

Well, there we have it, Christmas day done and dusted and I’m going to take a moment to thank the staff of the hotel. There’s over 1600 of us guests, all expecting our own little Christmas and, from what I’ve seen, if it’s even a little bit wrong the festive spirit and goodwill to all disperses quicker than the smile on a baby’s face when sucking on a lemon! My oh my have I seen some dower faces…

But through it all the staff smiled on and worked their collective backsides off. 

Most of them are away from their families so I wish them a very merry Christmas and swiftness to the end of their stint so they can get home. 


Manual 365/182.5 50 (per) Cent!

I don’t care what the Leap Year advocates, summer solstice loving, earth wobbling, 23hrs… 56 minutes… 4.1 seconds Nerds (I love you all really!) have to say.

Half of 365 is 182.5…

I’m halfway there!!!!

This has been the most frustrating, inspiring, fun, rewarding… Did I say frustrating? Thing I’ve ever done. I am so proud of myself in continuing the journey I’ve chosen to take and I have nothing but love, thanks and admiration for my family (all of them) for the help, support, and critique that has been my foundation.

To friends and strangers who have liked / commented on my posts, it really, really  means a great deal. And to the thousands of other photographers and artists who inspire me to do what I do and have helped me along the way by doing what they do and sharing it with the world. To you I bow! Thank you!

We live in great times…

I’ve got to go now or they’ll start playing the music

DSC_0736Peace Peeps! XXXXX

Manual 365/162 Darth Bugger!

Lightsabers, dark night and a willing Son! (I am your Father… *deep breath)


Oh, and a tripod…

DSC_1577.jpgAnd a torch…


Tonight was completely spur of the moment and memories were made that will last for lifetimes! Cheers Fella! xxx

May the Peace be with you Peeps! x

Manual 365/161 Flashing The Wife…

The one technique I haven’t got to grip with is portrait. To be honest it’s intimidating and to involve a off camera flash adds to the difficulty. But, it’s going to be something I’m going to try harder at over the coming months and I needed to start somewhere…

Cue my beautiful, long suffering wife, her gorgeous new hair do and walk around Stourhead in the evening…DSC_1539.jpg

The flash was bloody hard work to be honest, even with the soft box. One shot too much and the next not enough but hey, it was a lovely walk and all practice helps.


DSC_1522-Edit-EditDSC_1526Love you Dear and Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/32 Thank You! X

Well, it’s now February and I’m still here… Who’d of guessed? Most of my resolutions tend to last hours rather than months so I hope you don’t mind if I take a moment to congratulate myself and crack open a beer… (That resolution lasted minutes!)

I think it’s about time that I took a moment to heap some thanks;

Firstly, My beautiful wife Sandie who’s support, encouragement and, most importantly,  honesty has been an absolute rock for me. Bloody hell, if I wasn’t Nerdy enough before, now she’s got to, and does, listen to F stops, aperture, blah, blah, I need, Blah…. Thank you Lover you are a completely wonderful person!

Next, My kids, R&K, one for letting Dad get on the computer every now and the and for their genuine responses to my work. Most of my posts have their approval and if they “um” when they see a shot they’re most probably right.

Social Media in general, Most of my Twitter followers are doing the same as me or offering help (The altruistic attitude of most of the professional photographers I’ve come across to date is second to none) the (small) majority of peeps who followed my Facebook page actually stayed and have had to put up with me appearing on their timeline every day! *waves* (Special thanks to AGB Photography, cheers for your advice Andy) and the WordPress world in general! You’re a wonderful bunch of people!

And the shot tonight is… Symbolic



P.S. It wasn’t, I was fast running out of time after a long day in the yard and this was the first thing I saw on my way into Milton Keynes! And from that you can probably guess I’m in a hotel and this is being typed on the Kindle so there will be no links. (Go back through my previous posts.) And *gasps* No Adobe!  First pic is as shot with a bit of crop, second a little post with the Kindle.

And before I forget, if it’s your first time reading my blog, Thank You! X

Oh, and P.P.S. The World for just being there, thanks World!

Manual 365/22 Portrait Tip: Use Statues

Driving as much as I do I know that lapses of concentration can be dangerous have massive consequences.  So, as I passed the junction for the A34 on the M4 in the fast lane at (Coughs) 70mph I remembered I actually wanted to go home via Hungerford and the old A4 so that was fine.

Last nights’ little episode has been logged and filed and will fade into a story / lesson. The sun had finally made an appearance and all was good with the Friday afternoon world. And as I dropped into Hungerford I remembered the yard that greets you as you hit the roundabout and turn right for the A4 and sure enough, it’s still there.

A tentative step into The Barn saw me seeking permission to take some pictures from a young lady with a huge smile, she explained that the guy I need to speak with is across the yard and directs me across to the old rail carriage that is the office, to speak to the owner…

“May I?” I ask of the Owner, “Of Course.” He replies…

And I spend the next half an hour practicing portrait shots on statues and finding a “Grim Corner” that puts mine to shame! (The drunk mouse did it for me!)

Thank you, Mr Nettleton, I will be recommending you to anyone I know who would like to add that little (or massive) feature to their garden.





DSC_3466 (2).JPG


The CornerDSC_3426.JPG

And there’s even beauty in the tiny…DSC_3497

And last but most definitely not least, our favourite (whole family agrees).

Warming SunDSC_3533



Thanks again to Travers Nettleton at Garden Art, You can visit their website by clicking the following link:


Their address is:

Barrs Yard, Bath Road, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0HE

I still Tweet

I still have pictures

and I still have Facethingy