Definitely Deadwood…


I spent a couple of hours in Bembridge this evening and had a bit of a mooch about on the beach. I’ve been here before and the first thing that strikes you when you get to the there is the Lifeboat Station so it was a case of been here, done that so I had a little wander a bit further afield and found something amazing.

I’m not 100% sure exactly what’s happened but I would expect it to be natural erosion but about 400 metres West from the station there’s a clump of fully grown trees protruding from the shingle beach, some of them right on the high tide line. All of them dead but still standing solid and sound. Normally the landslip of the erosion would have felled them but not these.


They look as though they’ve slumped into the sea and whilst the brine has killed them they’re roots were strong enough to keep them upright and resolute against the relenting tide… This won’t last and I know they’re fighting (or not ’cause they’re dead but you know what I mean…) a loosing battle and it’s going to be interesting keeping an eye on them in the coming years.

And, because I’m a sucker for leading lines I had crowbar at least one shot of the walkway to the lifeboat station in, featuring yours truly! ;o)



Manual 365/118 Orange Fields And Arseholes On Churches… Bollocks!

…Yup, them too!


But orange fields?DSC_3500.jpg

With a tree too!

Pass the cucumber Vicar!

Bit of a surreal day today.

The field is just inside the M25 as you’re coming by Maple Cross, Junction 17 I think. I’ve been watching it for the last couple of weeks but today it popped! And the Gargoyle (I think it’s technically a corner stone) is on the St Mary The Virgin Church in West Knoyle, Picture of the church here (thanks for the heads up… I’m sure that’s the right terminology Nick)

Peace Peeps! x