Manual 365/168 Don’t Do This At Home…


What do you do if you’re me and a rare thunder storm awakes you from your after work, long hard drive through bright sunshine interspersed by curtains of rain drive snooze?

You grab your camera and get to the highest point you know to catch some shots of the wonderful skies that we’ve been experiencing here over the last few days. A “few” years ago I was indestructible and wouldn’t have noticed the hairs standing up on my arm as the thunder rolled around the valley, now, I was wondering if this decision might have been slightly miss judged and the leader was dropping from the maelstrom above my head to earth with my very destructible body. I must admit I only ducked once when I’m sure I heard the old cast iron fence next to me buzz… I think.DSC_2960-Pano

The real prize was after the storm, all three shots were take withing half a mile of each other within the hour!


Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/117 Chicken Licken’s Having A Moment…

Don’t you just love the British weather, today’s been sun, snow, hail, wind and rain and the sky has been fantastic so tonight’s blog is dedicated to the thin strip of atmosphere that means so much to each and every one of us.

So Much More Than Just Sky!DSC_3471.jpg50mm @ f/8.0, 1/100th sec ISO 100 (I can’t stop thinking about Steve’s’seagulls)

DSC_3491.jpg50mm @ f/8.0, 1/125th sec, ISO 100

And also a little bonus, I got a shot of West Knoyle church yesterday. It wasn’t that impressive SOOC but after a bit of tweaking in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro2 it popped and I love it!


A little village that holds a huge place in my heart.

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/87 Pennies For The Ferryman…

DSC_0185.jpg 20mm @ f/5.6, 1/320th sec, ISO100

Rather than the £13.50 it costs to use them new fangled bridge things!

A trip to the Severn Estuary and a slightly sucky tramp across marshland to the old ferry crossing. The mud was a tad disconcerting and got absolutely everywhere but the weather offered some interesting skies and engineering, both old and new, offered their own aspect to the shots.


And Universal Engineering offered the best of all!  DSC_0265.jpg

Peace Peeps! x