Well, the beast is beat…


But man, what a ride!





Days like today make me glad that I’ve learnt what I’ve learnt over the last 18 months.DSC_3489DSC_3413-Pano-Edit-EditDSC_3495-Pano-EditAnd I didn’t get wet once… ;o)


AKA If You Knuckles Aren’t Wet You’re Not Doing It Right!DSC_2560I love my camera but sometimes you just need to get low and when that’s above a fast flowing stream it tends to focus the mind…

I was in a river twice today so I’ll admit, I love my wellies too!

….is it a typo if the letters silent?…


Bumble Photo Bomb!

Right, I’m setting myself a rule. If I get photos of flowers and there’s not an insect of some description getting in on the act it’s not getting in!


Lucky for me there was the bee in this shot of my most favourite spring flower she’s bang on the focal plane too!



Spring Nation Army…

Dum, dee dum dee dum, dum. Dum, dee dum dee dum, dum. Dum, dee dum dee dum dum…DSC_0515.jpgAnd I’m pleading and I’m pleading and I’m pleading for more… colour!

The March is on Peeps and the Daffs are glorious!


Winter’s Going…

DSC_0017-EditAnd I can genuinely say that I’m going to miss it… A bit. Now, I’ll admit that February’s been a bit of a dull one but on the whole, this winter has been amazing (apart for the lack of snow but, hey, you can’t have everything), from misty crisp mornings to stormy rolling skies it’s had pretty much everything… Apart from the snow… DSC_0055-Edit.jpgBut now, the Daffs are in full swing, the trees are starting to bud and I’ve been neglecting my camera… So Spring… Bring it on! ;o)

Shot this evening in Stourhead Gardens, I still can get over how quiet it is there in the evenings. That’s when the magic happens!


Bay Toward The Last Light

dsc_8189-editRelax tree, the cold night will be shorter than the last and the day tomorrow longer than today.


Manual 365/170 Pulling In Tight

Over the last few days the views have been huge and continuously changing so when I had a bit of time to kill this morning I decided to concentrate a little closer in. I was parked in a quiet country lane near Tisbury waiting to start work that was bordered by hedgerows that were absolutely brimming with life, from fresh, threatening thistles.


To a mass of busy Bumble Bees gathering their bounty from the wild flowers hidden among the tall grasses.



The views might be somewhat smaller but this little section of hedgerow is so much more busy than any stormy sky!

Perfect peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/166 BIMBY!

As I’ve said in the past, I listen to an awful lot of podcasts on my travels and I will admit that the latest episode of A Point Of View by Radio Four stopped me in my tracks for a number of reasons of which I will come to a little later. But first todays shot,

Westburys’ White HorseDSC_2859-Pano

The only regret I’ve got from this handheld panorama is that I didn’t get less field and more sky, it’s been amazing today. I’m going to have a go a merging two panoramas, start side by side and and then down to up…The file is going to be huge!

Right, back to the podcast; if you’ve never heard it before it’s a 10 minute monologue by various thinkers or commentators, Will Self is my favourite but today’s was by Roger Scruton on the British countryside and why, even though the UK is the most densely populated country in Europe the countryside remains one of our most beautiful and cherished possessions. He explains how it was shaped, protected, threatened and how we must move forward into the future by learning from mistakes of our past. The future does not lie with “Not In My Back Yard” but in the “Beauty In My Back Yard” and I am now a fully fledged advocate!

The beautiful landscapes of the British Isles has enabled me to fill my blog and enhance my appreciation of my beautiful corner of the world, even the everyday can take on a special moment here and to all those who have help conserve and create this special place I offer my heart felt thanks!

You can find the download here, I don’t know if it’ll work outside the UK and I have been looking for other sources or transcripts to no avail, I will keep trying and if I find anything (I might even transcribe it myself) I’ll post on a future blog. If you can though, have a look back through the archive, it’s listening / thinking gold!

And just a little political sub note, my position on the EU votes is….DSC_2868.jpg

Vote “Love” (in) Peeps! x



Manual 365/164 A Lapse In… Bloody Hell It Worked!

Over the last few days I’ve been trying out a few different methods to add a little something to my blog. Today I thought I’d give timelapse a go, now I will admit, I don’t own a Intervalometer (remote programmable shutter release thingy) so had to sit with my finger on my dirt cheap IR remote shutter button thingy for nearly an hour but to be honest, the view was great and the tunes were good so no biggy!

I did make a bit of an error shooting in RAW, it helped with the editing of the shots but the size of each file is over 15 megs which makes the entire film at least 17.2 gigs… I am using a plugin from LRBplugins.com to render the film in Lightroom which is chugging away… Slowly… in the background while I write this and I don’t know if the files going to be that big when it finishes but I think I could well be posting a link to it’s location rather than loading it up to WordPress… We’ll see how I get on.DSC_2230.jpg

Bloody hell, it worked!  Because I’m a tight arse and won’t upgrade WordPress it won’t let me post the video here but follow this link to the my first ever time lapse effort!

Focalthingy Timelapse Thingy!

Peace Peeps!