Manual 365/42 Super Heroines, Boobs And Bellies…

All model releases and relevant forms were signed to allow me to post todays blog and may I offer my thanks to my models, Sandie (The Wife) and Suzie (The Mother In Law)

The Indoor swimming pool in the complex insist that you wear a swimming cap so the first thing that was said upon purchasing said caps was… “What else can we use them for?” and voila, Super Heroines; Introducing Spider Pants and Deadpuddle!!!



Once they stopped prancing about like Mexican Wrestlers they actually managed to get into the pool I got some shots off which showed them in a much better light…


Like I said they’ve given me full permission to use the shots I have and I promise to destroy the ones they didn’t so, Thanks you again loads!

On a technical note, editing shots with reflections and other things involved with swimming pools (I expect lakes etc.. to be different again) was a little challenging hence the lack of pool shots but, once I get me head around it I will revisit these pictures so you haven’t heard the last from Spider Pants and Deadpuddle! *Cue the music*

Peace Peeps!