It isn’t always pretty…

And no one is made of rock, me included.


That said, I do need to clean my sensor


Manual 365/14 Self Portrait


This is the hardest blog to date, I could wax lyrical about the value of self. Or the worthlessness of exposure and how the cherry picking of “good times” has devalued the picture but to be honest, we have always taken pictures in good times. You don’t see Uncle Harold get his instamatic out and start clicking away at Grandpa’s funeral do you? well, not until the wake and Auntie Mavis has kicked off with Frank from down the road.

Moments are valuable, sorry, let me rephrase that, THE moment is valuable, once it’s gone it’s gone and if you see something you love, like or it just makes you giggle take a picture. Make it yours.

I’m 2 weeks into the blog and this post is a kick up the arse, It’s got hard I’m having moments where I’m thinking “Am I over thinking this? Why are my pictures not as good?” but the truth is I’m seeing things I’ve never seen before, I’m looking in a whole new way and the hurdles I have in front of me are daunting but I will overcome, I’ve got too because I put them there and they are most definitely not there to make me fail….