The Sandbox…

Things happen for a reason… Nope, things happen because of external forces exerted, or not, upon them and things, for good or for bad, just happen.

Take this evening for example, I had already decided that I wanted to try again with the Alum Bay cliffs and I wanted to do it during Blue Hour, the light’s low and defused and I was thinking the natural colours of the chalk would look great and sure enough, they did…


I’m not even going to talk about the sunset images I managed to delete by accident, just share the one that remained.

DSC_5236.jpgThe fact I would have spent more time on them and probably passed over this image is immaterial… Honestly…


Manual 365/248 What?!?

“More Seascapes!!!” I hear you cry! DSC_1561-Pano-EditFraid so Peeps, been a lazy, lazy day looking through some of my shots from the last week and having a pano fest! I loved the colour from yesterday morning but my other love is moody skies in black and white, so… I’m indulging myself one last time before I go back to work. I hope you don’t mind!DSC_1567-Pano-EditDSC_1644-Pano-Edit.jpg

I have put, what I consider my best shots from Aber Porth into an album on 500px, take a look and you can see a lot of my other work on this site too. Go look, see! ;o)

Peace peeps! xxx

P.S. Graham is still set to complete his JOGLE tomorrow,an amazing feat! There’s still plenty of time to donate.