When it’s not there it’s a bit of a bugger but that’s the great thing with having a quite extensive back catalogue, you can go back to the great moments and give them a bit of a tweak and it makes you yearn to get back out there…

DSC_7705.jpgI need to rediscover myself and a second from the new years day sunset in Tresaith is pushing me in the right direction… ;o)

Manual 365/226 Chasing The Shot…

I woke up this morning with a clear idea in my head about today’s shot. A friend has asked me if I would get some photos of her to promote her new massage business. Unfortunately, her friend who was going to be the massaged had to pull out and there was no replacement and shots of a Masseuse without a Massaged isn’t going to work so that assignment has been placed on hold so a new idea had to spring into place. I’ve really been enjoying the long exposures I’ve been doing recently and have been dying to practice some more with a moving sea background so off to Ludwell Cove it was… In August, after a lovely weekend day… It was packed, so off to Swanage desperately trying to ignore the glorious golden hour that was happening as I looked for a quiet bit of beach to indulge myself!

And I found it!DSC_8753.jpgI’ve broken all the composition rules but I needed to get the moon in some how…DSC_8774.jpgAnd my three other favorite celestial bodies were there too!

I’m rushing to get this out before midnight and I need to give a nod to the sunset tonight, it was something special!DSC_8714.jpgPeace Peeps! xx

Manual 365/140 sub-blog Pebbles

I haven’t really touched on Philosophy for two reasons, one; I can’t spell it and two; I’m not a philosopher (I can’t spell that either. All hail the spillchecker) but looking back through my photos tonight I stumbled across some shots of pebbles and it got me thinking about life in general and my experiences, in the past and at the moment and what better place to voice them there thoughts than here on my trusty (I still can’t believe I’m still going) blog.

Waves will shape you but those waves are different, every single time. You though, you remain the same and the smoother you get the more beautiful you are!


DSC_3866-Edit-2.jpgPeace Pebbles! x

P.S. Don’t listen to Radiohead late at night… I did and look what it’s done to me! ;o)


Manual 365/122 Watch Out The World’s Behind You…

Well, I did it. Up at 3:15 on a bank holiday Sunday and on the cliffs of Lulworth Cove by 5:45 for the sunrise.

And it just called out for HDR! So, who was I to resist.

Looking East DSC_3796_HDR.jpgI’ve tried to keep the drama to a minimum in the HDR shots but I love the way it’s accentuated the Wave Diffraction which is the reason the cove is the shape it is.

Looking West DSC_3791_HDR.jpgAcross St Oswalds Bay to Portland.

I do still take single shots though. DSC_3789.jpgAnd then a wander around the cove

Calm WatersDSC_3915.jpg

Not FlotsamDSC_3919-Edit.jpg

So, that’s two weekends on the trot that I’ve been up at silly o’clock because of photography and you know what?… I love it! ;o)

Have a look at my Twitter feed, it’s mostly these blogs but I do try and retweet anything that stands out to me (There’s lots) or anything I see that’s thought provoking or informative. Also check out my followers / following, there’s some really amazing Peeps there doing some great work.

Enjoy the rest of the (longer for some) weekend.

Peace Peeps! x


P.S. Click the link! Go on, you won’t regret it! x

Manual 365/96 Cheeky Sod!

Hmm, Tinternet is playing up somewhat! I was expecting problems but when you pay 25 quids for a weeks worth of access you don’t really expect too many issues… We’ll see how it goes today.
We got to Tintagel and it looks just the same. We didn’t go down to the castle as the bay I used to go to is just north of the village and is actually called Bossiney Bay. Access was down a very narrow, very steep “footpath” that has been carved into the cliff edge, originally it was used by farmers collecting seaweed from the beach to use as fertilizer. Once we got to the bottom I’m glad to say it was as glorious as I remember! The tide was right out so we had complete access to the beach. (When the tides in you can only get to the bottom of the steps that access the beach.) Unfortunately I’ve blown most of the beach shots, they will be usable but I will need to carry out some post before they’re on here.

But, all is not lost, there was another photographer on the beach doing a model shoot. Now I would hazard a guess that to shoot someone’s shoot is a bit on the cheeky side but hell, it was a public beach, I was using my new lens so was miles away and I like the candid-ness of the shots.



One thing I do know is the amount of kit he has is going to be a right bugger to get back up the cliff though!


Elephant Rock, I don’t know if that is actually what it’s called or if that’s what my Nan christened it… I really hope it’s the latter.


I have also spotted our next holidays transport… Sandie doesn’t seem so keen though…


Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/95 Nyns yw unn tavas nevra lowr…

Cornwall is timeless, I spent an hour alone atop a cliff waiting for the sun to set with nothing but the sound of crashing waves far below and calling birds to serenade my thoughts.
It’s been 30 years since I came to Cornwall as a young teenager on holiday with my Grandparents, parents, sister and numerous dogs and now I’m back, with a family of my own. The thoughts and worries have changed somewhat but the scenery hasn’t and is breathtaking!

Port Isaac was stacked with Grockels (Of which I am one, I know!) but a short trip around the coast offered Port Quin, with its glorious little cove offering a very Waitrose-esk butty  van, caves, rockpools and hardly any people. We were there at mid day and the light was very harsh so I decide on a little ride out this evening and some long exposures on the beach.



All of the shots are JPEG and SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and I will say that I’m missing Lightroom, if only to bring down the sky a little and up the cliffs to include some detail. I am shooting in Jpeg and RAW so will be able to edit the best when I get home.

The cliff top wait for sunset offered loads of shots but I’ve ether blown the sky (Sun There) or underexposed the cliffs (Sun not there) so I’m going to have to rely on the tools on the home PC when I get back. I did get some bracketed shots so will try out some HDR magic on those methinks.


And tomorrow? Tintagel, my most favourite place in ever! Move over Arthur!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/43 Four Billion Years Of Evolution Results In Cats Liking Warm!

DSC_6010.jpgHappy Darwin Day ya bunch of Apes! It took the sacrifice and toil of millions upon millions of organisms to get you to where you are today so embrace it and take that step forward, your DNA is relying on you!


And just think one day, sedimentary  mud and seismic inactivity permitting, you could be a fossil! (Best get buried at the bottom of a river too)

And talking of great days and fossils; Happy 4000,000,0058th Birthday Rob!


A wonderful wander down Albufeira beach and across the cliffs (highly recommended) The weather wasn’t great but that didn’t matter. Over 500 shots and most were usable. Followed by a brief siesta and then back into town for one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a long time. Oh, and for the record, the bag the cat’s sat on is mine, I don’t own the cat, I don’t even know the cat but once I put my bag on the floor he decided it was his. The Cat Sanctuary is another great place to visit in Albufeira… If you like cats, great views… And cats.

Finally, because it’s late


Peace Peeps!