It’s The Little Things: Looking For Skimmers


Fathers Day: 2018

Teenager count: 2

Mum count: 1

Dad Count: old bugger!

Lulworth Cove: Check

Chats about stuff:

Science, check!

Geology, check!

Not dying, (me over the little rocks, Reece on a 100 foot cliff) Check!

Ice cream: Well, they are still technically kids… Check!

One happy and extremely proud Dad…. CHECK!

Thanks guys! love you so, so much! XXX


Take A Deep Breath and… Blow!


So, here I am, just heading into year three of my photography journey and it’s been rewarding, frustrating, beautiful and humbling. I’ve exhibited once and have a second in the pipe line. I’ve raised over £1400.00 for charity and have my work hanging on over 200 walls across the world in 2018….

And relax, right, that the trumpet blowing done. I really don’t know how to put into words how proud of myself I feel but believe me, this journey is only just getting started.

If you’re just starting out on your own journey then the little snippets of advice I would offer is look harder, ignore the criticism (arseholes), listen to the critique (beautiful, generous people on the same journey, just a few stations further along), learn and don’t beat yourself up too much. I’m only catching everyday moments, the trick is to see past the everyday bit.

P.S. The sun sets tomorrow too.



404 people, 9 days, lots of cider, lots of praise, lots of laughter, a little bit of boredom, 1 fight and some really wonderful, genuine people. And that Ladies and Gentlemen was my first ever exhibition.

This was the print that wasn’tDSC_7705

But on the other hand I’ve sold 18 of the prints that were. Costs have been covered with a little bit of gravy so all in all, a success.

Now, I’m dog tired but very, very happy… And scared of what the hell I’m going to do now!

And my little bit of advice if you’re thinking about exhibiting your work, do it, you have nothing to lose and, believe me, so so much to gain!

Thanks again to Glen and Michelle and to Sandie and my kids for their support!

It’s been great!

*drops mike*

This Is Not A Test…

It’s a bit cheeky to use my daughters birthday blog to test out my Amazon affiliate link but I’ve checked and she’s happy! ;o)

Happy 14th birthday to my wonderful, smart, sassy (no so) little girl! DSC_0417.jpg

And, if this works…


You can help me start saving towards her next birthday prezzy.

If you use Amazon and click the link above it’ll direct you to the Amazon store where you can shop as normal with the added bonus of letting them know I sent you and as a reward Amazon give me a small kickback and it doesn’t cost you a penny more!

Manual 365/144 Got That?… Nope!

-1 x -1= 1 but the square root of one is one the square root of minus one is 1i and that that mucks with my mind and apparently it’s an Imaginary Number… I can grasp that in certain conditions x hitting y at really ridiculously high energy results in x+y-z and that we have no idea where z’s gone but there are people looking and they’re looking hard (there’s going to be a Noble prize waiting in the 11th dimension for them when they find it)  I love the fact that these people exist… My son loves the fact they exist too and he also loves the fact that when he starts getting excited about complicated math and Imaginary Numbers his Dads knuckles start to drag the floor and his brow thickens while a slightly perplexed look settles across his face…
So, based on the conversation we have just had I’m dedicating this blog to all of the hard working, relentless, frustrated, amazing Scientists around the world making it a better place and bringing us the Universe. Thank you!
Just a couple of things though…
1. These Photons are mine (They’re not I know but indulge me!)DSC_0245DSC_0236

2. The Boy’s on his way so you better move over!

Peace Peeps!



Manual 365/79 Spare The Rod… Checkmate Dad!

In my day it was the Wooden Spoon! (Never used) In my parents days it may have been The Belt. I can even remember being at school and seeing an older boy “Caned” by the Headmaster using an implement about a foot long, thin and bendy struck against the open palm a number of times and there was even a legend going around that if a girl got into trouble she got… The Slipper. I have no idea who’s slipper it was or if it was a moccasin or pink fluffy 1970’s type.

Now, both Sandie and I choose to discipline our children using other means , we remove what’s nearest and dearest to them using the Screen Ban. And what happens when the Screen Ban is implemented?

Chess, that’s what happens…DSC_9546.jpg

We’d even had a small bet on how long it would be between the bad attitude and shoe polish vs carpet incident (An accident I know but how many times have I told you to do it in the kitchen so if this very thing happens we can mop it up and not look at it for the next 10 years!) which implemented the ban and the request for a game of chess. Sandie won at 2 days! She’s a tenner up now… I’m still looking good for the 50 quid bet that he reads 1984 before the weeks up though!


And, even with the distraction of his father fulfilling his blog obligations while playing he still beat me… Twice… Good lad!


Quick note on last nights talk by Charlie Waite, what a legend! This guy’s knowledge, experience and eye is second to none. A genuine, genuine Gentleman who knows his craft. His talk lasted just over an hour and has changed my attitude towards landscape photography for ever. I will be getting a 256mb memory card (Maybe even a film camera), I will be spending hours rather than minutes and I will be watching the clouds! Thank you Charlie.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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Peace Peeps!