Couldn’t hit a barn door…

For those few who come here often you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago I had my first ever Instameet in Lacock. I did manage to get couple of shots but there was one that I missed and it’s bugged me.

The Tithe Barn sits in the middle of the village looking out to the street. The detail around the barn door from the inside is beautiful and I wanted to catch someone walking by framed by the door. The problem was that I didn’t have a tripod so had to shoot hand held and for me to get detail on the inside of the barn I needed to shoot with such a high ISO which blew out the outside or a slow shutter speed which introduced camera shake making the subject blurred and the photo unusable.

I knew there was a solution and I thought long and hard (Yep, I am that sad) and a couple of days ago I managed to put my thoughts into practice…

Armed with my tripod and a plethora of ideas I set up my camera in the same place in the barn, looking at the door, waiting for my unsuspecting subject to poke their head or walk unsuspectingly by the door. My exposure settings were for the outside only, fast enough shutter speed to freeze the frame and exposed correctly.

Once I had that shot it was time to get the detail of the inside of the barn, ISO100 same F stop and focus but an exposure of a second. Ok, the doorway was blown in this shot but that didn’t matter because… Photoshop!

A combination of both shots and some layer masks / brushes later and Bob’s yer uncle and Fanny’s yer auntie!


So, to cut a long story short, if you need to composite to get the shot then do it!

Oh, and the Black and white / colour edit is down to a poll on Instagram… Now, that is fun!

Manual 356/15 Snooty Fairies and Banjos

There’s always something quite profound to invade a personal space with a camera. I still haven’t plucked up the courage to blatantly ask if it’s ok to take a strangers photo or just get the camera out and “click” It’s done no matter what dirty looks it brings. The internet assures me it will be fine and that 9 out of 10 won’t mind but it’s the one that kicks off that I’m worried about so it’s really nice when I’m given permission (admittedly by a family member) to do what ever on a stay over at theirs after a few (lots of) beers and a decent meal and they have retreated to bed.




My thanks to Sandra and Pete (2nd from the right) for their hospitality and general persona. I’m always here guys and I love you so much! (sorry for upsetting the dog)


Sub note… Mums knees! My mum (far right) with her brother, Pete (Uncle Mick was still a twinkle), Sister Jan and Mum and Dad (Eileen and Ernest) photo taken in 1957/8 just before they moved to Canada. Still miss you Nan! x