Manual 365/281 @lensshark … I’m Sorry!

dsc_6761Sorry Fella, I know it’s overdone but not by me, and you know what? It’s a real pain in the arse to  get it right, fumbling about in the dark with flammable liquid is not fun… so I’ll think I’ll put this in the done and dusted pile and move on… dsc_6757This was my first ever try but I wasn’t quite so keen on the composition.

Disclosure: No fires were set and full head of hair was maintained.

If you don’t already listen , Sharky James is the host of the Petapixle Podcast and an absolute star! You can follow him on Twitter too and he responds!

Tomorrows’ shot will be a couch in a field shot from between rail tracks… NEXT!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/278 Humbled…

A very good friend and supporter of what I’m doing offered, last year, to model for me… It’s taken me this long to actually build up the courage to take her up on the offer. She has featured in my blog before but in a more formal setting and where me fumbling with my camera filled up most of the time.

We had more time this time… and wine! ;o) And, what better setting for an artist that brings life back into old wood that a 1000 year old oak.dsc_6509Judge Wyndham could well be spinning in his grave but, hey, who cares! dsc_6516-editThank you so much Tanya, for your support and for allowing me to capture you on this beautifully still evening! dsc_6492

You can find Tanya amazing work here

And more shots from the shoot here

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/274 Oi! E.L.O…. Jog On!

“Hey, there, Mr Blue we’re so pleased to be with you…” sang the ever-optimistic 70’s rocksters… Well, it’s fricking October on Sunday and I’m desperate for some colour in the trees and moody cloud filled skies so chill FFS!dsc_6068-editI know what’s going to happen, in about a week we’re going to have a “Daily Express winter for a thousand years” Armageddon cold snap for about 2 and half hours and the leafs will hit the deck faster than a Monty Python sketch…. I will be waiting!DSC_6065-Edit.jpg

On the plus side, the golden hours are getting more sociable! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/272 Bloody Hell, That’ll Hurt!

dsc_5914Once upon a time there was a poor old soul, cast from heaven into a bramble bush (That’s just nasty) but so it’s told, he still holds a grudge and on Michaelmas Day every year he expresses his displeasure by pissing or spitting on the fruit of the bramble so the blackberries become bitter and nasty. Back in the day (You know, when he was piffing) when this was being told it was the 29th September but apparently now it’s the 10th October. I don’t know why Lucifer’s so busy tomorrow… But, hey, that means we get another 11 days of bounty so fill your boots! ;o) And just tell Beelzebub to bugger off!…DSC_5921.jpg Just a couple of minutes with my extension tubes and a Bramble bush, just outside Salisbury, and now I’m going to hell… ( I’m not)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/271 There’s Nothing Poetic At All…

Today, I’ve seen sheep sheltering from the rain behind a tree, mist in the valley and water droplets gathered on a cobweb. Heavy cloud and drab, resting fields. The Little Egret fishing in the stream startled by my approach. I’ve seen struggling horse chestnuts, prematurely browned by an ignorant parasite, dropping their still plump conkers onto the road to be pummeled into mush by passing cars.

I’ve seen steaming pasties and hot coffee served by the smiling face and welcoming smile in the chapel utilised by local volunteers who pride themselves on their community and have faith in their local produce.

I’ve seen the derelict battery farm, cold and empty rather than cold and full.

Scrapped lorries, chalk rivers and passing faces. Littler scattered by arrogant arses.

I’ve seen a Murder of Crows, a controlled stream, the big manor house and the little housing scheme. A new build, an old build, a load of concrete. (I am so desperately trying not to get poetic now!)

But, at the end of the day, I have no shots, nothing (this is really hard because can’t help hunting for rhyme!) Nada, nil, until I look to the window sill and see the brass balloon. I position the light and lay on the floor. Click goes the shutter….

dsc_5892Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/270 The Forgotten Suns

dsc_5811-edit A little darker tonight. My summer has been full of glorious views and plentiful colours. I feel the need to draw in tighter, glory in the grim and examine the mood of the desolate for there lies the detail and the challenge.

Don’t worry, I’m not going all Slipknot on you… There will still be the obligatory autumnal landscapes but I want to push the mood when I’m able to and hunt down the shot rather than let it expand before me and there will be people too!

I am really looking forward to the coming season! ;o)

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/269 There Are Those Who Do…

And there are those who REALLY DO! Let me introduce you to Macey, Macey is a mother, a runner, a cancer survivor, a runner (when I say runner I mean really runs, miles and miles… and miles) and now she’s a skydiver DSC_5723.jpgMacey put out an invite on Facebook last night to come along so I was able to witness the main event and my only challenge was not to bugger up the shot!

Well, I got the before ok.

The launch was a little bit of a longshot for my 50-300mmdsc_5758(That is Macey, she was first out!)

The way down (I think that’s her on the right)dsc_5779And then the landing…dsc_5804And the lesson for today: Rent a 600mm if you’re going to try and shoot something moving straight down at 125mph 3 miles away!

Macey is raising money for the Bath RHU Cancer Care Unit and Macmillian Cancer Support, two charities I know are very close to her heart. You can find Macey’s Just Giving Page here pop along and give a bit, I just did! DSC_5805.jpg

Congratulations Macey on an astounding achievement, best go out for a run to celebrate! ;o) x

Peace Peeps! x

PS Oh, and she’s going wing walking next!

Manual 365/268 It’ll Be All Light…


Ok, I know, today’s shots are a tad on the abstract side and I will admit, I was struggling to find any inspiration  I have managed to scout a location for the obligatory steel wool on fire clichè. I know it’s been overdone but that’s by others and I’m dying to have a go and the nights are getting darker so it’s going to be soon!

dsc_5644In the meantime, the light was not great today and all my wide landscapes were flat and did nothing. So, slumped at my computer I thought I’d try my 36mm extension tube and get really… Really close to the subject and pop! Top one’s a little LED torch shooting from about 10mm straight into the light and the second’s a little battery lamp. Obscure I know but shots none the least!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/267 It’s Fuzzyday!

4am… I managed to get to bed at 4am and then, eventually, peel my face from the pillow before reception rang to threaten an extra charge if I didn’t get my arse out of their room in the next 10 minutes. (Which, to be honest, is an improvement to the last time!) So, all in all, a good night! ;o) DSC_5518.jpg

The after dinner speaker was Jan Mølby, ex-Liverpool footballer, actually funny and, I’ve youtube’d him, back in the day. a little bit good! AND I recognised a lot of the name drops: Ian Rush, Kenny D and the like and to top it all,  the Cumberbund rocked!

dsc_5526Jan is second from the right. the other three reprobates are work colleagues, thanks Rob, Gareth and Glen! Hope you like the pic!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/266 Ink On Fingers

DSC_5486.jpgIt’s only the one and, before it landed on on the doormat, I very much doubt it had been touched by a human hand but hey, one can dream! But there it is, My Book, my achievement in non-digital form and (I’m biased) it looks great! Now I’ve got to fulfill my part of the deal and review it. Not here, and not now, I’m currently rocking the Cumberbund! But I will. And how surreal is that going to be, getting shots of the shots I’ve shot… Mind blown!

Critique Coming Peeps! xxx