It’s a hard word and I have no excuses so I won’t bother trying.


Sorry I haven’t been about folks. I do have every intention of including my blog more in my everyday life which I’ll admit has been fairly busy recently (see, the excuses had to start) But, there have been some developments.

I am now one of the founding members of the Mere Photography Collective (aka Meretogs) A small local collection of photographers who will being meeting in the pub and sharing their knowledge, experience and tips over a couple of beers!

I am also honoured to be featured on The Ink Pot Online Gallery a great little charity that enables disadvantaged and upcoming artists to get their work out there. Feel free to fill your carts Peeps! ;o)

And also, still taking photos… And that’s the important bit! ;O0


Peace you beautiful people! xxx


Manual 365/ More: Dear Mr Photographer…

…It’s just a photo of you, taking a photo of me, taking a photo of you…

But I have two things to tell you:

One, My view was better and two…dsc_2267-editTell that grumpy bugger to your right to lighten up! dsc_2267-edit-2

Oh, and three, my view’s definitely better than yours! DSC_2312-Pano.JPG And you now know that I’ve got to trawl Instagram to try and find the picture he took!…. (If you find it let me know, it’ll be of a long haired hippy hanging about in a posh churchyard… Looking smug! ;o))

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/277 Altruism…

Not to be confused with philanthropy, most acts of kindness will not involve coin!

DSC_6350-Edit-2-Edit.jpgNigel, a source of inspiration,  advice, technique and a “in a heartbeat” lender of a softbox and flash stand. This shot was the first ever taken with a complicated flash set up. Tomorrow I’m jumping in the deep end! Cheers for the kit and advice Fella!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/239.5 The Groom

DSC_0950-Edit.jpgI keep going back to this shot, his name is Matt and he’s a work colleague and the groom at yesterdays wedding and he’ll hate me for this, but something has just clicked! The lighting was chance, as was the shot and the ISO is jacked right up because of the low lighting. This is what it’s all about, just a moment, not ideal, not staged but, in my mind, perfect! I love what I’m doing and I love the people who enable me to do it!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/154 Stumped!


I plucked up the courage today to approach a complete stranger and ask if he would mind if I took his picture, he was taking a break from his work and sat on a bench reading his paper in a small park on the banks of the Great Ouse river as it meanders to the north of Newport Pagnell. He looked genuinely disappointed as he politely refused my request and continued that he’d got in trouble with his employers in the past for people taking his picture without their permission. It was a shame but I offered my apologises for bothering him and left him be. I know that some would have taken his picture and then dealt with the situation if it has arisen but I feel that would have been a tad on the rude side and while I’m sad I didn’t get the shot I have made a step in the right direction in recognising a great opportunity and acting on it rather than letting it pass me by and regretting not even trying. So, a win in my mind!

Todays shot was taken in the same park and edited using Analog Efex Pro2 to add the retro style and added smudges and scratches.


Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/37 You Beautiful, Beautiful People!

I’ll let you all into a little secret, today is my 44th birthday. I had no idea I would eventually get here and I must admit, now that I’m here, I had no clue it would be like this and the best bit is I still have no clue to what is to come!

If I’m going to offer some advice, Baz Luhrmann style, (For those of you who don’t know, Google Sunscreen) It would be this…

Look More:


Love more:


And, no matter what, you are beautiful… All of you!








All of these were taken on the seafront in Alburfeira today. And now I’m off to get really drunk! ;o)

Loves Ya! xxx