It’s the little things… Parenthood


There was no mistaking it as mother caught up with the foraging chicks and quietly, slowly while clucking reassuringly to her brood, cast her eye upon that thing that had the audacity to trapes unknowingly into her nursery.

“You Sir are turning around and going a different way…” was the clear message to me…

I cruppied down among the barley to seem less threatening and raised the cycloptic eye of the camera to capture the shot. With this she paused and then started slowly towards me. The last thing I wanted to do was escalate her situation so slowly backed away, moved across to the other tractor track and left her and her charges to their day.

Ok, not exactly a brown bear and her cubs but she was resolute and that deserves respect!


Manual 365/79 Spare The Rod… Checkmate Dad!

In my day it was the Wooden Spoon! (Never used) In my parents days it may have been The Belt. I can even remember being at school and seeing an older boy “Caned” by the Headmaster using an implement about a foot long, thin and bendy struck against the open palm a number of times and there was even a legend going around that if a girl got into trouble she got… The Slipper. I have no idea who’s slipper it was or if it was a moccasin or pink fluffy 1970’s type.

Now, both Sandie and I choose to discipline our children using other means , we remove what’s nearest and dearest to them using the Screen Ban. And what happens when the Screen Ban is implemented?

Chess, that’s what happens…DSC_9546.jpg

We’d even had a small bet on how long it would be between the bad attitude and shoe polish vs carpet incident (An accident I know but how many times have I told you to do it in the kitchen so if this very thing happens we can mop it up and not look at it for the next 10 years!) which implemented the ban and the request for a game of chess. Sandie won at 2 days! She’s a tenner up now… I’m still looking good for the 50 quid bet that he reads 1984 before the weeks up though!


And, even with the distraction of his father fulfilling his blog obligations while playing he still beat me… Twice… Good lad!


Quick note on last nights talk by Charlie Waite, what a legend! This guy’s knowledge, experience and eye is second to none. A genuine, genuine Gentleman who knows his craft. His talk lasted just over an hour and has changed my attitude towards landscape photography for ever. I will be getting a 256mb memory card (Maybe even a film camera), I will be spending hours rather than minutes and I will be watching the clouds! Thank you Charlie.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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Peace Peeps!