DSC_1533Happiness is organic, namely sodium, H2o and whatever elements go into a stick…

Big day today, I have gained an addition and am now a proud owner of a Nikon D750. Please note, the addition bit. I have most definitely not traded in, swapped or otherwise thrown in the back of my cupboard the D3300. That camera has a special place in my heart and D750’s will come and go… (or maybe the odd 850 or two, I can always dream) But that camera has enabled me to become what I am today. Entry level DSLR, kit lenses ( apart from the 35mm 1.8), one exhibition under my belt (and one currently underway, see below) and a few hundred calendars across the globe.

I’m proud of me, so proud I’m like a dog, with a stick on the beach and the sea’s just there…. All that wet!


All taken today in St Helens and Portsmouth Harbour.

Don’t you just love great Fridays!

Peace Peeps! XXX

PS, I’m showing off here!




dsc_8684-editThis is Misty, Misty head bumps me without removing my face. I love Misty, she hates Drizzle because Drizzle is a shit house! But Drizzle doesn’t care….

I need to get out more, grow some and get some shots of a less captive subject!

Prime Time!

DSC_8584-Edit.jpgNot the Nifty 50… It’s more a Dirty 30….5 and that’s what happens when you go on Amazon at 6:30 in the morning and everything’s a bit blurry but now, thanks to “One Click Shopping”, I’m the intrepid owner of this….DSC_8572.jpgAnd, I figure bugger it. I’ve had a month off, it’s now time to start working the camera again. So, a new month, a new lens and a new challenge.

No Zoom February, it’s a bit like No Beer January (it’s not) but I might actually do this one…. Let’s see what this little beauty can do! ;o)

Manual 365/351 Stuck!

It’s happened again, at no point today did I feel the need to pick up the camera. It was my last day of work before the Xmas break which will involve midwinter spent on the West Coast of Wales so I do have some hope for the rest of the challenge, be prepared for long exposures and moody waves! In the meantime, today’s shot is an edit of something I passed over at the beginning of November…dsc_0294-pano-editOh, and any tips on weather sealing a D3300 will be greatly appreciated!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/152 Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!… Not Logged In… Bugger!

I haven’t done it for ages and am first to admit I’m a Prime Amazon floozy! It’s the next day delivery, zero postage cost and simplicity hooked me from the very beginning. every time I picked up my Kindle and my finger hovered over the Amazon store icon the under used Ebay button just next to it seemed to shrink that little bit more. I’ve been expecting a little red “Missing you!” icon to appear next to it. Today though Amazon let me down, well when I say Amazon I mean one of their trusted sellers, trying to bill me 10.95 for next day delivery *tuts* not this Fella, I’m Prime Motherhubbards! And next day on the 31st is not the 2nd…

But I really need to replace my lens and I’ve got the go ahead from the Boss(es) (Cheers Dear and Guys) to get my Fathers Day prezzie early and with the readys (cash) burning a hole in my pocket I click on the sad little icon.

Actually, to be honest, I didn’t because I was sat at the PC, the new PC that I’ve never logged into Ebay with but in my sweet shop excitement I didn’t realise that tiny little detail and after I’d searched Nikon Lens and a 18-105mm flashed up, the lens that was about 80 quid more expensive new than the lens I was after and there was 6 minutes to go. Plenty of time to do the research, Seller Feedback 100%? VR? yes, it’s Nikon so it’ll fit. Reviews? “Good”, “good”, “better than what you were after.” and “good”

Right, I remember this, wait until 5 seconds from the end and then bid your max you either win or you don’t. two minutes to go and sitting at £87… Ok, the time refreshes automatically but does the bid? *clicks the refresh button* page crashes…Fuck! *Back Button* Back Button* page reloads. 56 seconds left, I fill the bid section with what I’m prepared to pay and glance to the top of the page where it normally says “Your Ebay” it took a couple of seconds for it to register (about 8… 48 seconds left) but eventually it did “Log In” screamed at me. “Password?” I screamed at the wife. “I don’t know!” she screamed back at me. We are now down to less than 20 seconds, I scooped up my Kindle, hit the Ebay icon (I’m sure I heard “Yay!” as it loaded) search “Nikon 18-105mm” click on the top auction and the bid now button, bid something and see the words “Auction ended” as I hit the confirm bid button but the following screen declares “CONGRATULATIONS,YOU’VE WON THE ITEM! Pay now Sucker!” and my Adrenalin peaks as I collapse into a nervous heap on the floor. I am positive, and I might just check with the seller, that my bid went in in the last second of the auction!

My love for Ebay has been rekindled but I need to offer thanks to Amazon, one, because if it wasn’t for your Trusted Sellers I would have never had bought a better lens than I was expecting for less than I was willing to pay and two, the Kindle saved the day!

DSC_0772.jpgVery text heavy tonight guys, hope you’ve enjoyed. Today’s shot is from yesterday, I spent most of the day gardening and there are sweet peas in our front flower bed, normally they get ignored and mowed but this year I’ve decided to give them a bit of a chance and strung up a “lattice” for them to become established. Within an hour they had grasped on and today they’re storming but it’s been grey and damp and I like the fact it’s the first grasping leaders and they’ve forgiven me for years of mowing!

Peace Peeps! x