35 by 35…


So, a new challenge methinks, I have the tools at my disposal and those tools are not extensive, there will be my trusty D3300, now feeling a little worn but still delivering the goods. And my 35mm, f/1.8 prime lens (I love it sooo much!) the rest will just be gravy.

So, here we go, 35 shots over 35 days using only my 35mm lens and it might involve maths (did you know that 35×35=1225 and that 1225 is a Angel Number? Nope, nor did I and to be honest…. I don’t think so… But I will be sure to let you know if I experience any unexpected “energy” ((I won’t)) during my challenge.)

So, to my first shot, a fully charged hover fly on a daisy, I love these insects. They mimic the bad boys (wasps) they drink nectar rather than blood (horseflies) and they can beat their wings quicker than anything else in the animal kingdom.

Boom, there it is, a half decent blog post after the dismal attempts of the last 9 months…

And I’m going to include some techie bits too. f/1.8, 1/3200th sec, the shutter speed was so quick because it was the middle of the day and 1.8 is wide open so even at ISO 100 the amount of light in the exposure was extensive. I wanted to shoot at 1.8 to get a shallow depth of field so the focus was on the fly and the flower and throw the rest of the frame out of focus (Bokeh) so a compromise had to be made.

See you tomorrow! x

Manual 365/272 Bloody Hell, That’ll Hurt!

dsc_5914Once upon a time there was a poor old soul, cast from heaven into a bramble bush (That’s just nasty) but so it’s told, he still holds a grudge and on Michaelmas Day every year he expresses his displeasure by pissing or spitting on the fruit of the bramble so the blackberries become bitter and nasty. Back in the day (You know, when he was piffing) when this was being told it was the 29th September but apparently now it’s the 10th October. I don’t know why Lucifer’s so busy tomorrow… But, hey, that means we get another 11 days of bounty so fill your boots! ;o) And just tell Beelzebub to bugger off!…DSC_5921.jpg Just a couple of minutes with my extension tubes and a Bramble bush, just outside Salisbury, and now I’m going to hell… ( I’m not)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/270 The Forgotten Suns

dsc_5811-edit A little darker tonight. My summer has been full of glorious views and plentiful colours. I feel the need to draw in tighter, glory in the grim and examine the mood of the desolate for there lies the detail and the challenge.

Don’t worry, I’m not going all Slipknot on you… There will still be the obligatory autumnal landscapes but I want to push the mood when I’m able to and hunt down the shot rather than let it expand before me and there will be people too!

I am really looking forward to the coming season! ;o)

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/264 Fetch The Hoover…

There’s something on the carpet!dsc_5405A trio of deer shot from afar making the most out of mechanised farming next to one of Charlies’ trees and just another aspect of the seasonal change. You wouldn’t believe how slowly the leaves change colour when you’re waiting for it! ;o)

DSC_5412-Pano-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps!

Manual 365/262.5 It’s The Little Things…

Ok, I’m back, I was lazy earlier and that’s not good enough! Also, it’s spider season in the UK at the moment so I know some won’t like but the opportunities offered are endless!

Normally that means a couple of large (in UK terms) horny and increasingly cold house spiders trundling across the carpet dodging well-aimed slippers, trying not to fall into baths and generally giving those with the phobia a good old dose of “What the F**K, he waved at me! Kill it!!! KILL IT!!! You missed you arsehole, burn the house down!” But there are others, take the Money Spider for example, just a couple of millimeters across but zoomed in close, enough to cause nightmares! Especially to the wasp (not the yellow and black, bastard kind but the little parasitic sneak in and eat your young tiny kind) she’s caught and trust up for later!dsc_5317-editLike I’ve said many times before, It’s always happening, you’ve only got to notice it!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/260 ,

The Comma Butterfly, it saved me from breaking and entering a derelict pub! (there was an open window so it might have been downgraded to loitering with intent or just being too fat to fit but now I’ll never know)DSC_4965.jpgThe other thing I didn’t know was about this wonderful butterfly. During the year, two adults emerge, one to breed and one to hibernate, the later has darker underwings to mimic fallen leafs to help them survive the winter but they both have the distinctive wing shape which I must admit, I’ve never seen before and this fellow was kind enough to show me.dsc_4963

Sleep tight Fella!

And Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/258 Mr Spider Don’t Do Guns…

dsc_4857The Common Garden Spider, she ate her mum, her lounge is a mess the boyfriend’s going to turn up in a minute and he’s a scrawny little shit or dinner. And then she becomes mum and we all know where that ends up… All this on our kitchen window!

Peace peeps! x

Manual 365/256 Little Ball Of Green And Blue…

What are you doing to me? I’m clambering over fences, getting funny looks from people who’d rather watch me than look to the sky…

dsc_4750Or in a field, led on my belly among the stubble, amazed at the tiny flower that’s been waiting for the towering mono-crop to be reaped before stealing the show! And that’s just on Monday!dsc_4727

Peace Peeps! xxx