It’s A Long Time Dark…


But not quite as long tonight… A reminder to my UK readers, the clocks go forward tonight but you’re phone’s got it covered… The car, on the other hand, can wait until July.

I want to give a massive shout out to Igerswiltshire and Visit Wiltshire for arranging a photowalk around Lacock today, followed by a lovely slap up meal at Neston Farm Shop and Kitchen. A great location, and it’s nice to actually meet the people who live in my phone! Great to meet you Guys and look forward to the next Meet!

Now, is the sundial connected to wifi or not?





The Lattice Window…


I expect it’s been done a million times and I think I’m fresh and taking a different aspect on the matter but, when it comes down to it, this is the holy grail of photography and my first time there, so indulge me!

Henry Fox Talbot… Cheers Fella!

I’d like to think that he’d be proud of where we are today and the fact that Lacock Abbey is magnet for photographers. DSC_2152-PanoAnd the volunteers for the National Trust recognise this… Or I hope they do. The light throughout the Abbey was phonominal!



I doubt If I’ve done Henry Justice but he’s dead and doesn’t care but please, if you give a tiny hoot about photography add the Abbey to your bucket list!

And for the record, my shot and don’t f**k with the shot shot is… DSC_2176

I’ll let you guys come to your own conclusions….




DSC_0364-Pano-EditWould you put an exhibition dedicated to the First World War in a crisp, clean gallery?  All white walls and straight lines… Na, better to put it at the top of a hill, surrounded by mud and open to whatever the elements throw at it. You want to see it? Then you’ll have to endure a tiny fraction of what they went through, just slipping and sliding without the threat of immediate and filthy death and, when you get there, it ain’t pretty.

DSC_0351-EditIf you’re able, take a walk around Stourhead, and have a ganders at Scraptors Sculpture Trail, they take some finding and they’re not in the pretty places…

Lest we forget Peeps…

Winter’s Going…

DSC_0017-EditAnd I can genuinely say that I’m going to miss it… A bit. Now, I’ll admit that February’s been a bit of a dull one but on the whole, this winter has been amazing (apart for the lack of snow but, hey, you can’t have everything), from misty crisp mornings to stormy rolling skies it’s had pretty much everything… Apart from the snow… DSC_0055-Edit.jpgBut now, the Daffs are in full swing, the trees are starting to bud and I’ve been neglecting my camera… So Spring… Bring it on! ;o)

Shot this evening in Stourhead Gardens, I still can get over how quiet it is there in the evenings. That’s when the magic happens!

Don’t Pause…

DSC_8282-Edit-Edit.jpgGo headlong into Spring but keep the crisp coldness here for a little longer, please?….

Yesterday’s photo was an idea, today the photo was yesterdays fallback but I managed to hit Stourhead when the light was challenging but tremendous and the partially frozen lake offered a different take on a familiar scene.DSC_8274-Pano.jpgI’ve posted this one on one panorama across all my social media platforms and have to say, it’s been the best-received photo so far. Over 500 likes, shares and reactions. I know in this day and age that’s minuscule but to know that a humble moment in my day has touched, be it briefly, upon so many is mindblowing…. But just to let you all know, yes I do, do it for you, I mainly do it for me…

Loves Ya! xxx

Manual 365/338 Don’t Mention Ophiuchus…


Moon conjunct Venus Because this aspect aligns two “yin” energies, it’s not one of those aspects that defines a person, but the characteristics are there, even if they’re in hiding! Every conjunction is modified by any planets that aspect it, and with Moon-Venus, perhaps even more so, as both the Moon and Venus are receptive energies and easily modified……..”

Oh, please do be quiet and just enjoy the reflected photons! Mars is at 10 o’clock too. Shot in Stourhead gardens this evening, a “over and under” Panorama of two 15 sec exposures.

If you really want to see the source of the quoted passage you can find it here

Ok, I’m kidding and I’ve never realised how much Carl Sagan sounded like Agent Smith from The Matrix… As for the quote, just Google Horoscope bullshite!

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/296 Shooting The Shooters…

It most definitely is a waiting game, the colours are there, the photographers are there in their dozens but the mist is shrouding the gardens and flattening the light so I know, photograph the photographers… The ultimate Comp Stomp! dsc_9260-panoI was hoping for some clear mornings this weekend but I don’t think it’s going to happen and the place is crowded late morning and afternoon so maybe some misty moody shots tomorrow it is then.dsc_9257Handy it’s only of couple of miles up the road! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/Sunday Bonus!

Why?, Because I want too, that’s why!

dsc_6862-pano-edit2×3 Panorama of Stourhead Gardens taken this morning and stitched together in Photoshop. I also have a short video of the spot on my Instagram account, just search for focalthingy over there and you get the scenery with sound! Modern tech eh, isn’t it amazing! ;o)

Follow me over there too!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you laters!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/280 Ok, I Know…


…It’s another black and white edit of a local landmark…dsc_6719-editBut what can I say, The light has been great over the last few evenings and I’ve always loved this heap of 1.2 million bricks and if I get my way, my last flight (as ashes I might add) will be from the top of this behemoth! Oh, and plan two was a blog about a statue dedicated to the invention of Teabagging…dsc_6673-editI think we can all agree, you got off lightly!

Peace Peeps!