How useless am I…

I have neglected you… The countdown fizzled out on here but kept going in the real world and I am now 4 days into my first little exhibition and it’s been amazing. My images have been so well received and all feedback has been extremely positive. I think this could possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done…

And it’s now *Little Green Man season in Wiltshire too… Good days!


I think I’m going to do a bigger post closer to the end of the week with details and pics and I might have a spin around and get some shots of the other participants… There’s 330 of us. If you fancy a ganders at what we’re up to have a look at the Wylye Valley Art Trail website.

And if you’re local, pop along. It would be great to see you. If you’re not local, still pop along, it’s well worth the visit and this part of the world is looking gorgeous at the moment.

*Artists with planks and grumpy farmers Season

Manual 365/294 Trippin!

Everyone loves a sunset, even though it happens every day a decent one can stop you in your tracks, I’ve taken hundreds of photos but now I’m getting really savvy, the secret is, enjoy the sunset, take the photos, curse yourself for the blown out sky or pools of deeper than deep shadows that no one’s going to be able to recover. Then turn around…raw

The sky paints your surroundings…

Now for the techy bit; 24 three second tripod exposures in quick succession stacked in photoshop and blended using the mean tool, saved back to lightroom and some minor adjustments to shadows, highlights and sharpening etc. It was looking very blue so I chose a custom white balance using the pipet tool on the base of the monument and a very slight tweak to red saturation to bring out the subtle red colour of the sky reflected in the monument itself.

And now a confession, this shot of the 43rd Wessex Memorial situated about 2 hundred meters from where I’m typing this was taken last night but I’ve only just got around to finish editing so Pff!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/249 Quintessentially…

DSC_4263-EditEnglish. The flag, the church, the chimney and the grey skies… What more could stir the emotions in an Englishman?

*Whispers* Actually, I hadn’t got a shot off all day and was determined not to use another Aber Porth shot so this is just outside my back gate but don’t tell anyone… ;o)

Peace Peeps! xx

P.S. 14232483_1838916543059819_2635251359268955657_nGraham finished his JOGEL today and was last seen enjoying the ice cream he’s been looking forward to for the last 874 miles. A truly great feat! Well done Mate!

Manual 365/237.5 It Takes A Kind Special Kind Of Unicorn…

To make a red-shifted rainbow…DSC_0841.jpgThis was 20 minutes after sunset, which I time lapsed btw, you can see it here I actually stopped the time lapse to capture this, so after the end of the video I turned 180 degrees and got this… Oh how I suffer for this blog…