It’s The Little Things: Looking For Skimmers


Fathers Day: 2018

Teenager count: 2

Mum count: 1

Dad Count: old bugger!

Lulworth Cove: Check

Chats about stuff:

Science, check!

Geology, check!

Not dying, (me over the little rocks, Reece on a 100 foot cliff) Check!

Ice cream: Well, they are still technically kids… Check!

One happy and extremely proud Dad…. CHECK!

Thanks guys! love you so, so much! XXX


Manual 365 Righting The Wrong!

I got it wrong, a couple of days ago I posted a beachscape where that the click, slide and convert to black and white auto reflex took over. I knew deep down that the picture, while good, could have been better and sure enough with a relook and a little bit of back stepping with more time and effort … This happenedblend-2-2Soooo much more depth.

So, bonus tip for today, have confidence in your work but always be prepared to admit to yourself when you’re wrong and don’t be afraid to change things!

Have a great day!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/346 You Ain’t Gona Break It!

blended-3-editTodays’ shot is actually 21 shots taken in Lulworth Cove this morning using a tripod and then blended together in Photoshop to get the long exposure effect on the waves, the Wet Plate look was added afterwards using The Googles Nik Collection Analog Efex2 (free plugin for LightRoom and Photoshop)

My tip for today, utilise the information and tools that are out there. If you’ve had an idea about a particular method or subject there will be a video on Youtube or a Podcast covering the subject and giving you, normally free of charge, all of the information you need to make something great.

I am a huge listener of Podcasts and can highly recommend the following:

The Petapixle Podcast  Hosted by the one and only Sharky James, (this guy is a legend, follow him on Instagram @lensshark) The podcast covers all the latest news in the photography world.

TWIP (This Week In Photo) The Behemoth of the photography world, if there’s a style of photography out there then there’s someone in the TWIP network podcasting about it. The main show is hosted by Fredrick Van Johnson and while covering all recent news tends to be more conversational and longer than Mr Sharkys offerings.

And then there’s the Improve Photography Network another huge offering of many different podcasts, the IP network tend to be more practical advice and work throughs to help you improve your own skills! (The clue is in the name!)

Blend 2.JPG

As for Youtube, take a look at this link, they’re all here...

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/122 Watch Out The World’s Behind You…

Well, I did it. Up at 3:15 on a bank holiday Sunday and on the cliffs of Lulworth Cove by 5:45 for the sunrise.

And it just called out for HDR! So, who was I to resist.

Looking East DSC_3796_HDR.jpgI’ve tried to keep the drama to a minimum in the HDR shots but I love the way it’s accentuated the Wave Diffraction which is the reason the cove is the shape it is.

Looking West DSC_3791_HDR.jpgAcross St Oswalds Bay to Portland.

I do still take single shots though. DSC_3789.jpgAnd then a wander around the cove

Calm WatersDSC_3915.jpg

Not FlotsamDSC_3919-Edit.jpg

So, that’s two weekends on the trot that I’ve been up at silly o’clock because of photography and you know what?… I love it! ;o)

Have a look at my Twitter feed, it’s mostly these blogs but I do try and retweet anything that stands out to me (There’s lots) or anything I see that’s thought provoking or informative. Also check out my followers / following, there’s some really amazing Peeps there doing some great work.

Enjoy the rest of the (longer for some) weekend.

Peace Peeps! x


P.S. Click the link! Go on, you won’t regret it! x

Manual 365/31 Durdle Door Don’t Do Quidditch…

Wow, what an interesting day, firstly, up early and down to Swanage to watch rain and fog and mist and grey… Turning left on the way out and heading up across the Matravers wasn’t much better, visibility was down to about 20m. Kudo’s to the numerous cyclists I passed, it was not pleasant!

It did improve as I started heading across the ranges to Lulworth Cove but Numb Nuts here forgot change for parking so decided, what with the keen parking attendant stalking about, to keep heading West and towards Durdle Door (What a great name) But alas, the car parking charges were the same but no attendant. I decided to push my luck and parked up, I then had to push myself through the gale that was coming off the sea to get this shot.


I would have ventured further but it was really quite blowy and I knew I’d get a ticket if I stayed parked much longer.

I’m going to put this on the “Revisit” list but not in the summer when it’s packed. I’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast and wait for a cold crisp day.

I have now got Adobe, Lightroom and Photoshop (A little bit of tweaking was done on the picture above) and I must admit I’m a little worried that I’ll start to rely on Post Production. To date, all of my pictures have been “as shot” and the overall majority apart from a tweak or two in the basic editor that comes with most PC’s.

That said I’ve used Lightroom today on one of my older photos to go from this:

Manual Post no.3.jpg

To this:

Manual Post no.1.jpg

And that’s just after watching one Introduction To Light Room video on youtube. it’s an amazing tool! But I will not let it take over my life, that much anyway!

One other shot today:

They Shoots Tanks Don’t They?DSC_4192.jpg

Locations for today are Durdle Door and Wareham Ranges (access across to the ranges can be limited when they’re blowing things up)

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Still Picturin’