It’s not all easy being a dad but there’s something at the back of your head telling you to keep catching worms… And something in front of you telling you it’s all worth it!





I’m 45 years old…. How the funking funk did that happen?

DSC_8817-Pano.jpgOne could have a bit of a mid (that makes my final age 90 and that ain’t gona happen) life crisis… Or one could take pictures like this and remember the glare of the sun, the bite of the cold Wiltshire morning and bugger the lens flare!

To grab an old cliche by the scruff of the neck, tomorrow’s the first day of the rest of my life and if I have a few more like this then I am indeed a lucky Fella!

Mahoosive love to my wonderful family, Sandie, Reece and Kayleigh I love you soooo much!

And to the rest of you…

Peace Peeps! XXX

Manual 365/194 Office Day…

I got into the office at 9:00, I left the office at 19:53, it’s a 1 hr 20 minute drive from and to home if the traffic is good. I’ll let you do the math to what time I left this morning and to what time I was going to get home. It was going to be a long day and I pondered my lack of shots and opportunities along with many many other things as I traveled down the M5. I did notice one thing though.

Off to my right the sky was heavy and grey but there was a strip of lighter sky across the horizon which steadfastly remained the closer I got to home. A couple of little niggles began to grow in my mind; will it be a screamer of a sunset? (heavy grey skies with a strip of fire) and will I be too late? Will I miss it?


I didn’t.

A long, long day but hey, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/184 Unexpected…

The aim of today was Toy Town using the tilt shift method or maybe even a timelapse… But, as I got to the top of Castle Hill and realised I’d left my SD card back at home fate took a hand… I handed all of my kit to my daughter for her to take to the top and I began to trudge back down the hill then I glimpsed something, clinging to a blade of grass on the the footpath. Now, I’ll admit, my heart missed a beat and then I felt something that’s now unfamiliar… I had no camera, nothing, nada, bugger all! Not even my bloody iPhone, but just a short way away there was my old Fuji. I counted my steps to make sure I’d know where to come back too and after bursting through our front door, frantically grabbing my SD card and Fuji I counted my way back up and there he was…


I’ve never seen a Dragon Fly like it and he was in no rush to go anywhere. He was absolutely glorious! You can see a more detailed picture here (feel free to have a look at the rest of my work on Flickr! ;o)

The timelapse  is WiP and the Toy town needs work…

DSC_4450.jpgBut I did get to have a good old chat with Andreas and Sylvia, from Switzerland who used the hard way to get to the top and the easy way back down, hope you’ve had a good night Guys! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/147 The Curse Of The Thinking Class…

I can’t really knock what I do, it feeds my children and puts a roof over their head. It allows me to indulge in my obsessions and occasionally it offers up some great shots.

This is Great Chalfield Manor, near Holt in Wiltshire. I nearly used it in a previous post but the sky was grey and featureless and it costs 9 quid to get into the place (I really am thinking about National Trust Membership, just for the access.) But today, with a conveniently timed  5 minute break and a better sky, it definitely made for a better shot.DSC_0296

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/132 Slashed Sky!

I slumped into the chair to choose one of my previous shots to edit and use tonight; feeling bad that for the second day in a row I hadn’t had the chance to get anything new when my daughter pointed out a vibrant red Cumulus… Or it could have been a Cumulonimbus, I don’t know, it was a big fluffy cloud and it was red and that meant somewhere there was a setting sun dipping below the storm clouds that have been overhead for the last few days so, it was time to get me boots on and climb the muddy hill to see what’s occurring!


Peace Peeps!x