52 Faces #5 That Bird…

A weeks gone by and the snows all gone but I think the message stays the same!


Move aside dad, I’m coming through!

(I did do the responsible adult thing and admonish her for doing such a rude hand gesture… And then asked her to do it again because I missed it the first time…. #baddad!)


It’s not that hard…

… to see moments. They tend to happen all around us every single day and that’s what I love about photography. the fact that the human race has managed to develop a way of stopping the universe, a fraction of a second, capture the information (light) and share it with everyone who wasn’t there.

We are such wonderful beasts!


If You’re Going To Stand Out From The Crowd… Shine!

DSC_3180We are so lucky in this part of the world! I only found out tonight that the UK’s ancient woodland contains half the worlds population of Bluebells and most woodlands date back to at least the 1600’s. To quote the BBC’s Earths Seasonal Secrets “Scenes like this happen nowhere else on earth.”

All I know is this, I remember my childhood walks through this wood and it gladdens my heart that I can return to this place of such fond memories and every spring the Bluebells return and the memories flood back.

I measure the years I have left in the numbers of springs that I will be able to see the carpet of blue (or purple depending on your point of view) and be it 10 or be it a hundred it will never be enough.

This post is dedicated to Ronnie and her parents Mr and Mrs Riddick.

Peace Peeps! XXX

Manual 365/171 The Old Fella!


I started my fathers day at 1am this morning howling at the moon with my daughter, why? Because it was there and it needed to be howled at.

It reminded me of walking home from the pub with my dad a long long time ago in part of the galaxy now far far away. Looking up at the unpolluted night sky. We marveled at our insignificance in the great scheme of things. Contemplating the distances and time needed for those lonely little photons to streak across time and space to strike the back of our eyes and create a moment of wonder and awe. Most definitely not a waste of 300 million light years!

Those moments, together with many others installed in me the ability to look at the bigger picture and set aside my own nonsensical opinions and think about the whole, to challenge the ignorant and question the confident even to the point where there are a number of things that we no longer agree on.

But now I am the father, stumbling through life trying my hardest to utilise and evolve the same principles with my children. Reason trumps all, even if it proves you wrong. Oh, and not to overuse Star Wars clichés…

Thanks Dad, I love you!

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/162 Darth Bugger!

Lightsabers, dark night and a willing Son! (I am your Father… *deep breath)


Oh, and a tripod…

DSC_1577.jpgAnd a torch…


Tonight was completely spur of the moment and memories were made that will last for lifetimes! Cheers Fella! xxx

May the Peace be with you Peeps! x

Manual 365/161 Flashing The Wife…

The one technique I haven’t got to grip with is portrait. To be honest it’s intimidating and to involve a off camera flash adds to the difficulty. But, it’s going to be something I’m going to try harder at over the coming months and I needed to start somewhere…

Cue my beautiful, long suffering wife, her gorgeous new hair do and walk around Stourhead in the evening…DSC_1539.jpg

The flash was bloody hard work to be honest, even with the soft box. One shot too much and the next not enough but hey, it was a lovely walk and all practice helps.


DSC_1522-Edit-EditDSC_1526Love you Dear and Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/82 Serenity…

The world is such a beautiful ugly place and we are all such fragile beings, a moment is all it takes to change everything…


I’m not a religious fellow so can offer no prayers but my thoughts are with the victims and families of those affected by this mornings heinous acts in Brussels and, as ever, with those around the world who live with the daily threat of tyranny in what ever form it chooses.


The world does keep turning and some will continue to hate but they will never prevail.

Peace Peeps! xxx