35×35 The Silent Goose Step

DSC_9742.jpgThere’s room for your Coke so enjoy the ride…

I had no idea when I took this shot it would have this effect it has but it did, it’s almost mechanical. It’s just a small independent cinema in Salisbury but it screams to me, take a seat, make yourself comfortable and listen to us…. Now, change your mind!

Down that route lies ruin. We know that, we need to remember that.

And, because I can’t stop thinking about it… My lunch tomorrowDSC_9915-Edit

I’ll take the scenic route….


Not as simple, never as fast but by far the better way. Here’s to turning left when the sat nav tells you right, to stopping for the view or thinking to your self, “I wonder…”

Lanes are better when there’s just one!

My final bit of reassurance, if you’re sat reading this where you want to be, then you have never, ever, been lost!

I’m back… Probably! ;o)