Vista Baby!

Sometimes you’ve just got to panorama the shit out of the landscape!


The view from Coaley Peak, Gloucestershire across the Seven Valley. Sometimes it just pays to take the slow road home from work…

Over the last few months I have been to trying and recognise and exploit light and the different environmental influences with varying degrees of success. This shot for example, taken this afternoon at 4 o’clock if the sky had been clear with the sun high in the sky the light would have been harsh making the shadows hard and washing out the colours. Fortunately there there was a high layer of cloud across the area of the sun acting like a giant softbox, softening the light and in turn the scene. The lower cloud offers contrast and interest in the sky and shadow detail across the landscape. Then, a little further on, the classic British woodland in spring…


Soft light, shadow and Bluebells. I’ve still got a long way to go but if the journey’s paved with views like this I’m not going to be complaining about the commute.


Port Out, Starboard Home!

Sometimes I hit the convert to black an white button way to quickly…DSC_9261-EditYou can see how I nearly passed over this great shot from Weymouth in February on my Instagram account

I’ll admit, in the original shot the orange hue from the streetlights dominated and that instantly screamed black and white to me but after reviewing it today and involving individual colour desaturation in my workflow this edit works so much better. I also like the motion blur in the people (0.8sec shutter speed) and the grain from ISO 800 on my cropped sensor D3300! All good! ;o)

Blue Hour Overtime

Sometimes working late brings unexpected bonuses…DSC_0765-PanoEven with the sunset the views from the office carpark looking west aren’t the most spectacular and, to be honest, normally the view east is quite humdrum too but a combination of reflected sky and trees in the upper floor windows, the symmetry in the old RAF building and the bluest blue hour we’ve had for a while kinda works in my mind… Apart from the white lines in the foreground… they’re a real OCD buster but I work in road resurfacing and if anyone’s going to bugger it up, it’ll be the liners!… Sorry Bob but you know it’s true!