Port Out, Starboard Home!

Sometimes I hit the convert to black an white button way to quickly…DSC_9261-EditYou can see how I nearly passed over this great shot from Weymouth in February on my Instagram account

I’ll admit, in the original shot the orange hue from the streetlights dominated and that instantly screamed black and white to me but after reviewing it today and involving individual colour desaturation in my workflow this edit works so much better. I also like the motion blur in the people (0.8sec shutter speed) and the grain from ISO 800 on my cropped sensor D3300! All good! ;o)


Manual 365/2 Water Wheel

Interesting day today, I remembered an abandoned car in a wood on the old Gasper Aerodrome from a few years ago and thought that maybe, if it was still there it could make for some decent Decay pictures, unfortunately, after much trapesing through the bracken in the rain I deduced that the car is no longer there… So, to save a wasted day I took a ride down into Stourton. well, actually, just behind Stourton to Turners Paddock, a lake with a working water wheel and waterfall. It is viewable from Stourhead Gardens but to see the best of it you need to climb a few fences and get your feet wet. My manual365 experiment (today with falling water and movement) was kind of rubbish though, most of my slower shutter shots were very noisy which I think could be solved by a smaller aperture setting. I did however get one shot that I like, it was a close up (I seem to be better at these types of shots) of the bottom of the water wheel.


Focal Length: 55.0mm

Aperture: f/5.6

ISO: 400

Shutter Speed: 1/160

White Balance: Cloudy

Flash: Yes

(Notes; No post production, no crop)

I did get a few other shots and because I don’t want this blog to just the good shots I’m going to include those too…


Focal Length: 18.0mm

Aperture: f/3.5

ISO: 100

Shutter Speed: 1/10

White Balance: Cloudy

Flash: No

(Notes; No post production, no crop, No tripod)

I do love the movement in this picture and maybe, because it’s not the right exposure I might be able to improve it in post production, that’s a bridge I’ll cross at a later date.


Focal Length: 18.0mm

Aperture: f/3.5

ISO: 100

Shutter Speed: 1/5

White Balance: Cloudy

Flash: No

(Notes; No post production, no crop, no tripod)

This ones slightly crooked too! But once again, I love the movement.

Well, that’s day two done and I have one more day off before the dreaded return to work, depending to the light and weather tomorrow I will either be having a go at landscape or long exposure with a bit of light painting.

If you’ve liked this, thank you so so much. My blogging skills are being developed, honed and improved on a daily basis. All constructive criticism is most definitely welcome!

P.S. I Save all of my pictures in both Jpeg and RAW format. If anyone would like to improve any of them let me know and in most cases I will supply them with the file.

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