AKA If You Knuckles Aren’t Wet You’re Not Doing It Right!DSC_2560I love my camera but sometimes you just need to get low and when that’s above a fast flowing stream it tends to focus the mind…

I was in a river twice today so I’ll admit, I love my wellies too!

….is it a typo if the letters silent?…

Manual 365/229 The Hungry Caterpillar? My Arse!

I can totally see the attraction in gardening, toiling the soil, planting the seed and nurturing the plant while it grows and at the end being rewarded with the gift of fresh, homegrown, vegetables or beautiful flowers…DSC_9473.jpg

Thing is, while I can see the attraction, I’ve got to admit. I’m completely shit at gardening…


This poor example looks nothing like the picture on the pack and as for the bloody caterpillars! DSC_9467.jpgI’ll just say I’m doing my bit for the butterfly population!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/170 Pulling In Tight

Over the last few days the views have been huge and continuously changing so when I had a bit of time to kill this morning I decided to concentrate a little closer in. I was parked in a quiet country lane near Tisbury waiting to start work that was bordered by hedgerows that were absolutely brimming with life, from fresh, threatening thistles.


To a mass of busy Bumble Bees gathering their bounty from the wild flowers hidden among the tall grasses.



The views might be somewhat smaller but this little section of hedgerow is so much more busy than any stormy sky!

Perfect peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/140 The Death Of The Mayfly And Counting Pines…

DSC_0099.jpgI’m sad to announce that Brian the Mayfly (Pictured) passed away earlier today… Probably. And judging by the amount of wooden plaques displaying house numbers in Trowbridge the Counting Pines in the area have already met their Reaper Man!

Flies on the other hand were copious in number, especially for some reason on a particular fence near Semmington,

DSC_0053.jpgThere were loads of them, all just sitting there like some Blowfly / Bluebottle convention.

And finally today, I can see a pattern developing here;

The Ermine Moth Caterpillar DSC_0030-2.jpgOnce again, a fair few of them too! These guy’s aren’t so cuddly though (not that the flies are…) and the hairs that cover their bodies can cause quite nasty rashes.

I know tonight’s blog could well make a few shiver but, personally, I think they’re great!*scratches*

But, just in case it’s not your thing, here’s a blue eyed horse… DSC_0015.jpgSpotted somewhere near Bradford On Avon.

Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/27 A Clump Of Ladies…

A few months ago, before I got my Nikon I stumbled across a number of Lady Birds hunkering down for the winter outside the office on a fence and got a macro shot of them using my Fuji Finepix point and shoot. Today is the first time I’ve been back to this office this year and I made a point of checking them out and sure enough, they’re still there and they’ve increased in number to the point where the rule of thirds no longer apply, you’ll see what I mean when you look at the picture from a few months ago.


This is the one I took back in November, Added Kudos to the yellow fella who’s moved on now…


It’s difficult to try and take macro shots with an 18-55mm lens and I have tried to follow the advice of zooming  and moving to get close ups and focus right but I don’t think the picture is as sharp as it could be. I will, given time, invest in a macro lens and really get down on my knees!

Below I’ve included a couple of pictures I took over 2 years ago on the Fuji, unfortunately, because of the blasted Kindle I’ve had to snag screenshots off of Instagram so they’re not the original files. I don’t know if this will effect the view but I have no idea where the originals are!

Her Work Is Done




Links to all my other endeavours are in previous (not posted using a Kindle) blogs…

Tomorrow is all prepped, Clear skies, tall buildings and sunrise.