Faces of Boa #5

Well, there we have it, Christmas day done and dusted and I’m going to take a moment to thank the staff of the hotel. There’s over 1600 of us guests, all expecting our own little Christmas and, from what I’ve seen, if it’s even a little bit wrong the festive spirit and goodwill to all disperses quicker than the smile on a baby’s face when sucking on a lemon! My oh my have I seen some dower faces…

But through it all the staff smiled on and worked their collective backsides off. 

Most of them are away from their families so I wish them a very merry Christmas and swiftness to the end of their stint so they can get home. 


Manual 365/67 Never Negative But… Bugger!

I have developed a habit, it’s not an unpleasant habit but it is a habit all the same. I think I’m going to call it “Drive By, Drive By, Drive By, Pause, Bugger It and Turn Around.”  I find myself doing it a lot at the moment.

Take this morning for example. Given the amount of times I’ve driven to Swindon you think I’d know the route and given my current situation and obsession I would know all of the great landscape and historic shots I could get on my journey but alas, the niggling feeling in the head tells me not to be late and there will be plenty of opportunities in the future and then I drive by something that is just MC Hammer… (Stop)

The light is just perfect, the moment is rare, you do have plenty of time and it’s safe to stop. You’ve learnt from your previous mistakes and you know that you don’t have the… (I’m sorry I’m talking to my third person self but you’ll understand why in a minute) …tools later tonight so you need a great SOOC shot and the most perfect of situations has offered itself to you so you grasp it, you shoot like crazy, you’ve got the Golden Hour by the horns and you’re making a Neolithic monument look its very best in the 5000 years it’s been there. If massive stones could flick its hair it would have been doing it this morning It was amazing and you shot them all in RAW…. That’s great, but the laptop you’re using tonight doesn’t recognise that file type, you don’t have the ability to bring out the very best and share them with the world…. You Knob!

Check your settings and if need be, check them again!

Suffer the JPEG!

Pain (just realised) In The Hotel Room

Peace Peeps! *sobs*