Familiar Places…

DSC_5408-2.jpgIt’s great to see somewhere new, a new experience, a different view but what I think I love more? Seeing the same place but never the same place. They say that familiarity breeds contempt, I disagree. Familiarity enables you to see subtle changes, recognise moments. Know your world…


It all starts somewhere?


And back in my day you were cursed if you made the tent touch the fly sheet and we had ground sheets and wooden tent pegs and the tent smelt of old socks the moment you took it out of the sleeping bag sized canvas sack it had been stored in since last year.

Now, we have pop up, poliurithaneingy, single cells thingys which can resist the elements, be put up in 2 minutes and aren’t cat proof (That’s another story)…

But, I’ve known the feeling my daughter experienced when she slept in the garden over the weekend, I felt it about 38 years ago and you can remember it forever. You’re only a few feet away from absolute safety but separated by a million miles. I miss that feeling!

I’m hoping that a link to Thomas Heatons youtube channel will ease the forgiveness required for plagiarising his well know shot which for those of you who use Flickr will know well.

Manual 365/46 Wings Stay On, Wings Fall Off…

You can thank Gary Larson for the title; I’ll try and hunt down the offending cartoon for the end of the blog.

A long and tiring day with not many chances for shooting but we were lucky to; one, deviate slightly from our expected route and make land fall over the UK via Portland and Chesil Beach. Two, The weather back home was clear and crisp so I could see the afore mentioned places and three, I had a window seat thanks to the kindness of a fellow passenger who gave up her seat for an empty row in front.

The pictures aren’t that clear due to shooting through glass and the reluctance of the pilot to let me step outside. But I have cleaned them up in Lightroom a bit.

DSC_6959Flickr link to the photo here if you have trouble viewing from the blog

I’m not sure of the horizon distance at 36,000 feet but I do know that sometimes it’s little observations on a massive scale that can change an entire viewpoint. I little while after taking the above picture I was trying to get a bearing on where we were so that I could get a shot in the general direction of home. (About 30 miles North Eastish of Portland) I saw a built up area I thought was Dorchester… It wasn’t, it was Bristol. I know it was Bristol because I got the following shot.

DSC_6982Flickr Link: The Severn Crossings

And if I craned a look back I could see Portland in the retreating distance but I would need the largest fish eye lens ever and an end of wing seat for that shot!

The time between each shot was 11 minutes, that trip by car would take in excess of 2 hrs on a good day. 30 minutes later we were landing in Manchester and it took just over 3 1/2 hours to eventually get back home to Wiltshire.

The world is such a massive tiny place!

Tech details, both shot in manual mode using my stock 18-55mm lens, I have cropped both pictures and cleaned up in lightroom but no graduated filters have been used. Both shots taken at f/18, 1/60th sec, ISO 100. RAW files are available, PM me on my Facebook link or email me at focalthingy@gmail.com

And as promised, the offending cartoon!


No link for this one but Google Gary Larson if you don’t know his work. He’s brilliant and I think about him every time I get on a plane!

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Peace Peeps!