Faces of Boa #5

Well, there we have it, Christmas day done and dusted and I’m going to take a moment to thank the staff of the hotel. There’s over 1600 of us guests, all expecting our own little Christmas and, from what I’ve seen, if it’s even a little bit wrong the festive spirit and goodwill to all disperses quicker than the smile on a baby’s face when sucking on a lemon! My oh my have I seen some dower faces…

But through it all the staff smiled on and worked their collective backsides off. 

Most of them are away from their families so I wish them a very merry Christmas and swiftness to the end of their stint so they can get home. 


Faces Of Boa #3

A great night spent at Morabeza Beach Bar. Drinks, drums and fire eaters. The sunset wasn’t a thing but to be honest, that didn’t matter. 

And I’m really terrible at getting the names of my subjects! I have messaged the bar to see if they can help me out so I could well update this post later.

Many thanks to the staff at the Morabeza Bar the African dancers, Casadimansa and the guys in the shop who helps me choose a shirt and made my obligatory wrist band! 

Beautiful View….

So, it’s been a while since I posted and I’ve got the audacity to use the hash tag #photographyblogger on my Instagram posts so I thought I’d better pop back to where it all started… At the moment I’m on holiday with my family in Boa Vista and it’s amazing. A little on the overcast (high cloud, not that great lumpy stuff we get back in the UK) side but there have been some great opportunitys for landscape photography but I’ve decided to set myself a little challenge. So often on holidays like this I tend to rely on my preconceived opinions rather that actually seeing what’s there so, for the rest of this holiday I’m going to park my opinion firmly in the back seat and let the world decide what it wants to be and try to capture the best bits with my camera. So, People of Boa Vista #1 is John (I think that might be a non de plume) 

A souvenir seller on the beach in front of the hotel. He lives in Sal Rei and walks along the beach every day to sell his wares. 

I was at his pitch a few days ago when there wasn’t a soul about apart from the local stray dogs (who are very friendly and fit as butchers) 

See, I still had to crow bar the landscape shot in! 

So, for the next week and a bit I’m going to try and find out more about the people who make this wonderful place tick. Wish me luck! 

Manual 365/248 What?!?

“More Seascapes!!!” I hear you cry! DSC_1561-Pano-EditFraid so Peeps, been a lazy, lazy day looking through some of my shots from the last week and having a pano fest! I loved the colour from yesterday morning but my other love is moody skies in black and white, so… I’m indulging myself one last time before I go back to work. I hope you don’t mind!DSC_1567-Pano-EditDSC_1644-Pano-Edit.jpg

I have put, what I consider my best shots from Aber Porth into an album on 500px, take a look and you can see a lot of my other work on this site too. Go look, see! ;o)

Peace peeps! xxx

P.S. Graham is still set to complete his JOGLE tomorrow,an amazing feat! There’s still plenty of time to donate.

Manual 365/246 Mwnt, It Rhymes with… Punt…

DSC_4121-PanoWhile I was getting my long exposures last night I got chatting with a local and he mentioned a little beach, just south of Aber Porth,  called Mwnt, I asked him to repeat the name just in case I heard wrong, I didn’t and immediately, so I wouldn’t forget it, associated it with Punt (honestly, what other word would rhyme with Mwnt that would stick in my mind?… Ok, Ok, that one too but I am trying to keep this clean Gutter Brain!) The sunsets are apparently amazing from the top of the hill, unfortunately the sky has become cloudy and I’ve had a end of holiday beer so I won’t be going back this evening and this is the last night of the holiday (BOOOO!) But, we are intending to come back over Christmas, I was told that the sea “comes alive” In the winter and I would love to see that in this setting.

If you’re ever down this neck of the woods well worth a visit. The sand is glorious and the waves large and there’s a good chance you’ll spot Dolphins, Seals or Basking Sharks.


Long drive home tomorrow… Thank you West Wales, you’ve been amazing!

Heddwch Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/242 Not Your Average Monday Morning Apart From The…

Coffee…DSC_1271.jpgBut once it had kicked in the view was rather special. DSC_1262Today is going to be the first real day of rest, Saturday was travelling here, Sunday was travelling to Birmingham and back and today will be travelling to the beach (about 50 feet and a few steps) and a bit of a mooch around. The weather is great and all is good with this little corner of West Wales.

Now for a fry up! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/227 Taking A Break

I’m going to leave the camera alone today… *Probably…

I’ve revisited some of my pics from earlier in the year and one bounced off the screen from our holiday in Cornwall back in April and once again, it’s nice to pull in tight after all the landscapes I’ve been treated to over the last few days.


*Who am I trying to kid! ;o)


Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/142 The Best Beard In The World… Period!

Winter rainy days are so full of gloom, a vaccum sky; sucking at the drab, dead earth.

Spring rainy days on the other hand promise so much more. OK, the light’s shite and no matter where you go it’s not going to relent and offer up any good shots. So maybe look a little closer to home (like just outside the front door…)

Bud!DSC_0057-EditI have managed to scout some good locations for the future though and also spent a bit of time editing:

The Best Beard In The World… Period!DSC_6903-Edit-Edit.jpgA completely random guy walking past us when we were sat outside a bar in Portugal back in February, I thought his shots had been deleted but while I was rummaging about in me archives I rediscovered him. He’s a British guy and the beard is 100% natural!

Off out for a walk in the morning, My Daughter now knows what the Golden Hour means so we’ll be leaving home around 6ish (we’ll see!)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/100 It’s Just A Number, A Simple Sequential Symbol

… To denote that this blog follows the last blog…

But, I am human, and we do like our milestones!

So, to celebrate the fact I made it to 100 this blog is going to be Photo heavy and now that we’re home I’ve used all the tools at my disposal to bring out what I think is the best in some of my shots taken over the last week. Lightroom, The Nik Collection, Photoshop but mostly Cornwall… I thank you!

Port Quin

DSC_1222(18mm @f/6.3, 1/400 sec, ISO 100)

DSC_1550-EditSame cottage, different aspect and long exposure, edited in Silver Efex Pro2  (18mm @ f/22, 20 sec, ISO 100)

DSC_1552I’ve used this shot a few days ago but I’ve had a play with it in Lightroom (18mm @ f/22, 20 sec, ISO 100)

DSC_1508_HDRThis was shot from a little further west of Port Quin and is a HDR edited in HDR Efex Pro2, its a combination of 8 shots, all shot from the tripod at 2 stop differences with each shot and then blended together to increase the dynamic range.

Hayle Bay

DSC_136355mm @ f/8.0. 1/640 sec, ISO 100

DSC_1322300mm @ f/8.0, 1/500 sec, ISO 100

Reece300mm @ f/8.0, 1/500th sec, ISO 100

This one didn’t turn out as well as I hoped for, Reece is actually stood there and it’s a blend of two shots in Photoshop, one of him in focus and then a second with him out of focus and the background sharp. Unfortunately, I shot it hand held and moved slightly, hence the blurring around his left side and across the bottom. I’m sure there’s another way of getting the effect but I need to work that out.


DSC_1942-Edit-Edit55mm @ f/8.0, 1/500th sec, ISO 100 Silver Efex Pro2

and last but most definitely not least, Bossiney Bay

DSC_1711A panorama of 3 shots taken from the path up from the bay. all 50mm @f/8.0, 1/400th sec, ISO 400 (Not sure why I had my ISO high) edited using Photoshop and Lightroom.

DSC_2199_HDRThis HDR shot is a combination of two 30 second exposures blended using HDR Efex pro2 (Gawd bless Nik and all who sail in ‘er!) I bracketed using the ISO rather than the shutter speed. The first shot was at ISO 100 and was dark the second was at ISO 800 (It was near pitch black the only light source is from behind and left)  Other settings were 18mm @f/3.5. And just for the record, when I was a kid I was sure this cave contained something sinister so this shot documents the fact that I was being a silly little boy!

And a special mention to a decrepit old water pump in the middle of nowhere. I’ve utilised some of the HDR tools and filters in the aforementioned software for this combination of 6 shots. I know that some don’t like it but hey, my blog, my pictures so phooey!


Thank you all for your support over the last 100 days and a special thanks to my family who’ve had to put up with Dads obsession* and hogging of the PC! Not even a third of the way through it yet guys!

*Mid life crisis

Here’s to the next 265 days!

Still Twittering

and Facebooking

and Flickring

Peace Peeps! x