Manual 365/273 Meet Frank…

dsc_6059-editWhat do you do when you need a pareidolia fix, you need to find a tree, the older and gnarlier the better so the (said to be) 1000-year-old Judge Wyndham Oak in Silton will more than suffice, complete with walking stick.

In my mind he’s trudging off, stage left, grumpy that before 1654 when the pesky puritan, Oliver Cromwell, appointed Sir Hugh Wyndham as a judge and then proceeded to work him so hard that he had to buy an estate just outside Gillingham so that he could “rest” under the bows of the tree previously known as Frank.

Frank really liked that name, hence the 350 year huff!

He’s expected to be stood in the corner of the field, sulking in 2476…. I’m with you all the way Frank! (maybe)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/121 Hello Petal!

I know the mantra, “if you want to get good shots, go lovely places at silly times of the day…” My alarm was set for 3:15am and a trip to Lulworth Cove for sunrise was on the cards…

Unfortunately there is another mantra that goes…

“Bedtime at 11:30 on a belly full of the best lager in the world means there’s not a hope in hells chance you’re getting up at that time.”

I remembered the second at 7am this morning when I awoke bleary eyed and a little disappointed! But hey, it’s a long weekend and the weather looks promising tomorrow (Early that is, it’s going to turn shite quite quickly) so early to bed early to rise tonight it is!

I got todays shot in The Memorial Gardens in Gillingham, Dorset. The blossom took a little while getting here but it does looks great!

DSC_3763-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps! x



Manual 365/114 It’s Not Charlies’ Tree, It’s Mine!

Setting the alarm for 4:30am on a Saturday morning is just wrong but also so right. I had checked the weather forecast last night and the rain from yesterday was due to clear about an hour before sunrise so that would mean a crisp clear morning and I wasn’t about to pass that up. So, at 05:15 off I trot to the bemusement of the few drivers who passed me walking along the Gillingham road.

My subject had already been chosen so I knew where I was going and, as luck would have it a footpath runs along side the field so access was not a problem.

Single trees in fields seems to be a thing in this part of the world and I love them as does the great Charlie Waite, I don’t know if he’s shot this particular tree (It’s not far from where he lives) and if he has I’m sure my humble offering pales into insignificance but I’m proud of it and I will be returning to hone my skills!

DSC_3133_HDR18mm @ f/20, ISO 100 and varying exposure times combined in HDR Efex

The tree is actually in the middle of a meadow so in a few weeks time when the wild flowers and leaves are out but before the first mowing this place will be spectacular!

And the sun rises are just going to get earlier and earlier but it was great, just me, my camera and 600 other peeps (Admittedly 20,000 feet above my head but hey, it was nice to share it with you guys!) DSC_3167.jpg300mm @ f/8.0, 1/250th sec, ISO 100 I’m secretly proud of this shot, I managed to get it bang on centre at full length with minimal lens shake! Who’s a clever boy!

And the walk back offered a few more too.


And we were hoping for frost but this is the best we could dew…. (Groans!)


So, a 3 mile walk before 7 and then back to bed…. Spot on!

Have a great weekend!

Peace peeps! x