It all starts somewhere?


And back in my day you were cursed if you made the tent touch the fly sheet and we had ground sheets and wooden tent pegs and the tent smelt of old socks the moment you took it out of the sleeping bag sized canvas sack it had been stored in since last year.

Now, we have pop up, poliurithaneingy, single cells thingys which can resist the elements, be put up in 2 minutes and aren’t cat proof (That’s another story)…

But, I’ve known the feeling my daughter experienced when she slept in the garden over the weekend, I felt it about 38 years ago and you can remember it forever. You’re only a few feet away from absolute safety but separated by a million miles. I miss that feeling!

I’m hoping that a link to Thomas Heatons youtube channel will ease the forgiveness required for plagiarising his well know shot which for those of you who use Flickr will know well.


Manual 365/123 The Universe Isn’t Picky Where It Happens…

… Sometimes all you need to do is take a step outside your back door.

Not to everyone’s taste I know but I love it! ;o) (Sorry Sandie! x)

Not as sharp as I would have liked and I can’t work out why, I’ve reset my camera settings to see if it’s something I’ve done and will start again from new but I’m sure these critters won’t be about tomorrow.

Also, from the garden:

The Ouija Boards Is Not In Your Favour…DSC_3947-Edit.jpg

Peace Peeps don’t have nightmares! x