Raw in Root and Petal..


All this beauty has a purpose and it’s not to make some gormless photographer feel all fluffy (it does though). There’s a real time battle going on, the Bluebells have exploited the leafless trees and carpeted the woodland floor soaking up the available sun , in some places a natural monocrop often with the Wild Garlic so technically a  duocrop… But now, the trees are in full foliage and in the dropping light there’s a definite powershift happening, Ferns, who are more than happy to be in the shade, will take over shortly. Together with the bramble and the nettle (triocrop?) Not as emotionally engaging as the blue and the white but interesting all the same.

But, there still is the occasional optimist which should make everyone happy!



No Apologies…


We in the UK do like a spectacle if it snows the internets runs out of white and at the moment I bet there one hell of a shortage of purple and green.

Spring has well and truly sprung… Apart from the bloody freezing cold wind and the Bluebells are looking amazing.

Bluebells do hold a very special place in my heart and the season is oh so short so I’ll hope you forgive my little indulgence. I cracked out the Nifty 50 for these shots and at f/1.8 I’m loving the Bokeh!


At least somethings putting the effort in…


We have a small ornamental cherry tree in our back garden, over the last eight years it’s been the final resting place for my late father in laws ashes (close to the BBQ), abused by the cats (Scratching post), battered by storms (a bit of drizzle every now and then) and mauled by snails but every year, without fail it blossoms and when I say blossoms I mean it bursts. It’s almost like it knows that the effort it puts into its foliage is only going to end up making little snails so sod it, let look fabulous for a week or two! I love this little tree but haven’t the heart to tell it that all those flowers are fruitless…

Bumble Photo Bomb!

Right, I’m setting myself a rule. If I get photos of flowers and there’s not an insect of some description getting in on the act it’s not getting in!


Lucky for me there was the bee in this shot of my most favourite spring flower she’s bang on the focal plane too!


Winter’s Going…

DSC_0017-EditAnd I can genuinely say that I’m going to miss it… A bit. Now, I’ll admit that February’s been a bit of a dull one but on the whole, this winter has been amazing (apart for the lack of snow but, hey, you can’t have everything), from misty crisp mornings to stormy rolling skies it’s had pretty much everything… Apart from the snow… DSC_0055-Edit.jpgBut now, the Daffs are in full swing, the trees are starting to bud and I’ve been neglecting my camera… So Spring… Bring it on! ;o)

Shot this evening in Stourhead Gardens, I still can get over how quiet it is there in the evenings. That’s when the magic happens!

Manual 365/115 Bonk!

I held a dinosaur in my hand earlier, sure it was of the tiny, feathered and very dazed variety but a dinosaur none the less. And this dinosaurs’ evolutionary memory knows nothing of windows and the “bonk” they make when you fly right into them which alerted his plight to the ape rather than the tigers that prowl in the undergrowth around here.


Gradually the Blackcap came to and eventually flew off to a nearby bush. Glorious little fellow though and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know they were a thing before today.


Photo credit goes to Sandie and her iPhone today , I thought it better to let the little critter recover than insist he poses for a few close ups.

I did get a few shots in the garden this afternoon and it’s my excuse for not mowing the lawn, this week anyway. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it off next week.

Don’t Cut The Bounty!DSC_3354.jpg

Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Peace Peeps! x