How useless am I…

I have neglected you… The countdown fizzled out on here but kept going in the real world and I am now 4 days into my first little exhibition and it’s been amazing. My images have been so well received and all feedback has been extremely positive. I think this could possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done…

And it’s now *Little Green Man season in Wiltshire too… Good days!


I think I’m going to do a bigger post closer to the end of the week with details and pics and I might have a spin around and get some shots of the other participants… There’s 330 of us. If you fancy a ganders at what we’re up to have a look at the Wylye Valley Art Trail website.

And if you’re local, pop along. It would be great to see you. If you’re not local, still pop along, it’s well worth the visit and this part of the world is looking gorgeous at the moment.

*Artists with planks and grumpy farmers Season


19 Days and Counting…


Prints are printed, mounted, signed and framed and I should be sitting here thinking about prices, descriptions and worrying about Peeps through the door but, man, tonight’s sunset was just spectacular! The light was changing by the second and this composition has been begging for the right light for months!

And, if you’re wondering what I’m blathering on about in regards to prints I’m exhibiting at the end of May in a local art trail. I’m really looking forward to it. Have a ganders at my website for more info and forgive me for going on about it over the coming weeks.

See more at and have a look at the other contributors to the Wylye Valley Art Trail here

Manual 365/141 It’s A Male Thing…

C19H28O2 Otherwise known as Testosterone, turning grass into muscle and Robins into scrappers for millions of years…
DSC_0013-Edit.jpgDSC_0012-Edit.jpgI was always under the impression that if you were going to put a bull in a field you put him in on his own or you put him in with two other bulls what you never do is just put two bulls into a field because they’ll scrap and two tonnes of grumpy, competing  bull can cause quite a bit of damage both to themselves and the county they’re in. These fellas seemed to be getting on just fine and I only counted the two and me and they weren’t at all uncomfortable…. I made my excuses and left though…

Meanwhile a little further down the road this little bugger had been scrapping. DSC_0036.jpgHis challenger was nowhere to been seen and could well have been lying dead close by, Robins can be nasty like that. Just after I took the shot he burst into song, I would guess to re-establish his authority over his little corner of the world.

Isn’t chemistry wonderful?

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/139 Just ‘Scaping!

Same view, different focal lengths.


The forecast for today had been rain, rain and more rain so I was a little surprised to get these shots from the A350 between the A303 and Warminster looking back across towards Long Knoll.

55mmDSC_0028.jpgThere was a slight pang of disappointment though, I didn’t spot a single Charlie! (Hint, click on his cover photo! 🙂

Peace Peeps! x