Manual 356/15 Snooty Fairies and Banjos

There’s always something quite profound to invade a personal space with a camera. I still haven’t plucked up the courage to blatantly ask if it’s ok to take a strangers photo or just get the camera out and “click” It’s done no matter what dirty looks it brings. The internet assures me it will be fine and that 9 out of 10 won’t mind but it’s the one that kicks off that I’m worried about so it’s really nice when I’m given permission (admittedly by a family member) to do what ever on a stay over at theirs after a few (lots of) beers and a decent meal and they have retreated to bed.




My thanks to Sandra and Pete (2nd from the right) for their hospitality and general persona. I’m always here guys and I love you so much! (sorry for upsetting the dog)


Sub note… Mums knees! My mum (far right) with her brother, Pete (Uncle Mick was still a twinkle), Sister Jan and Mum and Dad (Eileen and Ernest) photo taken in 1957/8 just before they moved to Canada. Still miss you Nan! x