Manual 365/134 Pennsylvanian Trophy…

I was going to go on about poachers and how Roald Dahl gave me the impression that they were all rather good folks with smiling eyes; trying to make a living with paper hats, sleeping tablets, plump raisins and horse hairs but the discussion at home turned from that to red shift versus blue shift into the local universe versus The Universe, the shape and size of Stargates’ (Tiny, wrapped up in a number of dimensions and spherical with no room for Kurt Russell was my resolute opinion!) And the Doppler Effect… Cheers for that Reece! ;o)

But, now that’s died down and I’m back to my blog, it transpires that poachers are complete arseholes, well the ones who left this handsome fellows head on the side of the A46  in Pennsylvania, Bath And North East Somerset (real place) are anyway.

Grim I know but he caught my eye as I drove by yesterday and I passed him again today and was surprised he was still there so had to take the shot. I would have preferred to catch him in a field in November though, but alsa, that’s never going to happen! Like I said, Arseholes!

Peeps! x


Manual 365/129 Oh, I Say, It’s Rather Warm Out! Fetch Me My Pareidolia Darling…

An English stately home always offers a lot and one only a couple of miles away on a lazy Sunday is even better!

DSC_3281If you turn right into the narrow dead end lane just after turning off the main road for Stourhead you can park, free of charge, and take a gentle meander across the local cricket field (sadly no play today but noted for the future) and the grass meadow that used to be the old ground when my father used to play and you reach the gated fence in front of the house. If you’re happy to pay there is an entrance to the gardens or house but if you swing a left as you get to the road you can walk through the stable yard and walled gardens towards the main carpark at no charge. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay, I’m saying it’s nice not having too! ;o)

For Kayleigh DSC_3294.jpgShe’s been wanting me to get a purple tulip with Bokeh and there’s a plethora of them in the walled garden.

Zeals Knoll From Across The DromeDSC_3242.jpg
Take from here

And the Pareidolia?

The Three Hundred Year Scream DSC_3266-Edit-Edit.jpg
There is a tree on the side of the cricket field that looks dead. Gnarled knots, lightening struck many times and bone bare branches but as you get closer you see there is life, a little bit later than the surrounding trees but there all the same.


And from now on, my favourite tree!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/84 Never Underestimate The Power Of The Old…

Admittedly some will just die and rot. DSC_9892.jpg
But there are others who will show the rest the way!DSC_9913.jpg


The Ancient Oaks Of Windsor Great Park

I once heard a story that the reason there’s not a great deal of really old oak trees in the south of England was because of the Tudor Navy, commissioned by Henry VIII . The wood requirement to build the forbearer of the Royal Navy was so great that any straight, mature oak in the Kingdom became the property of The Crown and swiftly turned into planks. Unless they were growing within the hunting grounds, estates or gardens of the then great and good (rich). Hence the number you can spot around Windsor, Marlborough and the like. How true this is I would love to know.

I love the fact that the first tree I’ve seen really putting some effort into spring is an Old English Oak! Long may the Old Bugger burst forth and I’ll make this promise. I will collect an acorn from him in the autumn and that acorn will be planted, nurtured and established. where I know not, but somewhere poignant to me and maybe in 500 years his offspring will be bursting forth and showing the rest the way!




Or, if you fancy, email me

Peace Peeps! x