Manual 365/313 Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!

No, this is not what you think it is, there will be no mention of the Hilump thing here tonight… Apart from that bit.

This blog is dedicated to Clive Dunn, AKA Grandad, AKA Lance-Corporal Jones who died a couple of days ago. An absolute genius of the latter part of the last century who cause me many a nose bubble laugh! Thank you and goodbye Sir!

Just in case you want to read a (slightly) better obituary you can find one here

DSC_1111-Edit-Edit.JPGTonight’s shot is from Bristol on Sunday, an old BBC camera that I very much doubt was used in the filming of Dads Army or Grandad but you never know!

If you haven’t watched it before the link for Dads Army on the BBC  website is here, I don’t know if it’ll work in countries other than the UK and youtube is charging to view episodes (I wonder how long that’s been a thing…) but I’m sure if you root a bit deeper into the internet you’ll find something and it’s well worth the search.


They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em Peeps!