It’s The Little Things: Looking For Skimmers


Fathers Day: 2018

Teenager count: 2

Mum count: 1

Dad Count: old bugger!

Lulworth Cove: Check

Chats about stuff:

Science, check!

Geology, check!

Not dying, (me over the little rocks, Reece on a 100 foot cliff) Check!

Ice cream: Well, they are still technically kids… Check!

One happy and extremely proud Dad…. CHECK!

Thanks guys! love you so, so much! XXX


This Is Not A Test…

It’s a bit cheeky to use my daughters birthday blog to test out my Amazon affiliate link but I’ve checked and she’s happy! ;o)

Happy 14th birthday to my wonderful, smart, sassy (no so) little girl! DSC_0417.jpg

And, if this works…


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Manual 365/171 The Old Fella!


I started my fathers day at 1am this morning howling at the moon with my daughter, why? Because it was there and it needed to be howled at.

It reminded me of walking home from the pub with my dad a long long time ago in part of the galaxy now far far away. Looking up at the unpolluted night sky. We marveled at our insignificance in the great scheme of things. Contemplating the distances and time needed for those lonely little photons to streak across time and space to strike the back of our eyes and create a moment of wonder and awe. Most definitely not a waste of 300 million light years!

Those moments, together with many others installed in me the ability to look at the bigger picture and set aside my own nonsensical opinions and think about the whole, to challenge the ignorant and question the confident even to the point where there are a number of things that we no longer agree on.

But now I am the father, stumbling through life trying my hardest to utilise and evolve the same principles with my children. Reason trumps all, even if it proves you wrong. Oh, and not to overuse Star Wars clichés…

Thanks Dad, I love you!

Peace Peeps! x