DSC_1533Happiness is organic, namely sodium, H2o and whatever elements go into a stick…

Big day today, I have gained an addition and am now a proud owner of a Nikon D750. Please note, the addition bit. I have most definitely not traded in, swapped or otherwise thrown in the back of my cupboard the D3300. That camera has a special place in my heart and D750’s will come and go… (or maybe the odd 850 or two, I can always dream) But that camera has enabled me to become what I am today. Entry level DSLR, kit lenses ( apart from the 35mm 1.8), one exhibition under my belt (and one currently underway, see below) and a few hundred calendars across the globe.

I’m proud of me, so proud I’m like a dog, with a stick on the beach and the sea’s just there…. All that wet!


All taken today in St Helens and Portsmouth Harbour.

Don’t you just love great Fridays!

Peace Peeps! XXX

PS, I’m showing off here!



Manual 365/351 Stuck!

It’s happened again, at no point today did I feel the need to pick up the camera. It was my last day of work before the Xmas break which will involve midwinter spent on the West Coast of Wales so I do have some hope for the rest of the challenge, be prepared for long exposures and moody waves! In the meantime, today’s shot is an edit of something I passed over at the beginning of November…dsc_0294-pano-editOh, and any tips on weather sealing a D3300 will be greatly appreciated!

Peace Peeps! x