It’s a hard word and I have no excuses so I won’t bother trying.


Sorry I haven’t been about folks. I do have every intention of including my blog more in my everyday life which I’ll admit has been fairly busy recently (see, the excuses had to start) But, there have been some developments.

I am now one of the founding members of the Mere Photography Collective (aka Meretogs) A small local collection of photographers who will being meeting in the pub and sharing their knowledge, experience and tips over a couple of beers!

I am also honoured to be featured on The Ink Pot Online Gallery a great little charity that enables disadvantaged and upcoming artists to get their work out there. Feel free to fill your carts Peeps! ;o)

And also, still taking photos… And that’s the important bit! ;O0


Peace you beautiful people! xxx


So, Here’s A Thing…

card-front-1And it’s all mine! ;o) It’s looking a bit bare at the moment but soonish will be the home of my portfolio, this blog and a few other nuggets of news etc. I’m sure the transition will be smooth and there will be absolutely no ban on anyone popping over for a ganders or if they really fancy reducing the focalthing deficit, buying a print or two!

It’s a beautiful thing… A really beautiful thing… It really is…


Manual 365 Righting The Wrong!

I got it wrong, a couple of days ago I posted a beachscape where that the click, slide and convert to black and white auto reflex took over. I knew deep down that the picture, while good, could have been better and sure enough with a relook and a little bit of back stepping with more time and effort … This happenedblend-2-2Soooo much more depth.

So, bonus tip for today, have confidence in your work but always be prepared to admit to yourself when you’re wrong and don’t be afraid to change things!

Have a great day!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/234 Confidence…

Confidence is a strange thing, the one thing that I’m not confident about is managing a situation where I’m trying to get a shot of someone under my direction and getting the shot right and I know that’s something, if I want to take this to another level, I need to master. This weekend has enabled me to take a step in the right direction.

Simon on Friday and a shot out of the blue. Freddy, yesterday which, while planned and unpredictable was still amazing and then today…

DSC_0081.jpgJess wanted some shots for her massaging business and after some stumbling, it worked! And Jess was kind enough to let me indulge in some  portrait shots afterwards.

DSC_0132-2.jpgBut alas, work follows pleasure… (actually it proceeded it but I’m not one for being pedantic…) DSC_0068-Edit-2.jpgDSC_0026-Edit.jpg

Jessie and Kiran, you’ve both boosted my confidence well beyond my expectations, and for that I thank you!

And for the rest of you, expect to see lots and lots of other people here in the future…

Peace Peeps! xxx