Manual 365/217 I’ve Developed Bad Habits…

Scuttling off into the distance at the first sign of a decent golden hour is one…


Handheld Panoramas is another….DSC_7871-Pano-EditBut hell, when both shots are less than 10 minutes apart and a couple miles from home, it’s got to be done…

1st is one on one @ 42mm, f/8.0,1/250 sec stacked and cropped looking across the Deverills’ from the A303 at the top of Charnage Hill.

2nd is one on one stacked @ 105mm, f/11, 1/125 sec and then 3x side by side (edited in Photoshop, Lightroom can’t handle the size, it’s a 871mb file in RAW export from Photoshop FFS!) Of my home town, Mere in Wiltshire.

I do have plans to pull away slightly from the landscape, occasionally. But I’m not going to waste the time of year!

And one day I’ll print off full size, that’s going to be interesting! Until then…

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/213.5 The Motorway Footpath

A group of lads cycling across the Severn Bridge asked the hung over photographer to get a shot of them with their phones so he took the opportunity to get a panorama too. Cheers Fellas!DSC_7564-Pano-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps!

Manual 365/210 A Gentle Stroll


Is the order of the day for the next two days. Actually, it’s a wander around Celtic Manor belting little white balls with long sticks… There could be a little bit of drinking too. My Stag do was a piss up in Shaftesbury and a face full of hair moose… Long story but they’d run out of whipped cream! (True story)

Anyway, shot today another 2up 3across panorama (I do love ’em) taken during the golden hour from the top of the Wylye By-Pass just off the side of the A303 looking across the Langfords. I’m scheduling the next two blogs but there might be the odd sub-blog or two as well!

See you Sunday!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/204 That Was The Day That Was…

And we’ll never get it back but bear this in mind, we are just silicon age hunter gatherers with better tools and a bit of cash!DSC_6794-PanoEvery one who’s ever lived managed to get us to where we are now. they didn’t know the risks but we do and I think we owe it to them not to fuck it up….

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/198 Pebbles, Lots And Lots And Lots Of Pebbles !

Casting off a beach in the changeable British summer. I’ve actually stepped foot on Chesil Beach for the first time ever.DSC_6027.jpgI sat for an hour, just soaking in the bustle of a multitude of people fishing, bbqing and setting up for the evening…  Next time I’m taking a tent!

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/196 I’ve Edited A Monster…

DSC_5810-Pano.jpgThe Worshiper of Mono crops, The Stacker of Photos (6 in all aka Pano et Pano) the User of Editors and the Manipulator of Worlds (well, just a bit in light Room… and Photo shop… and Nik Collection)…

He relies on the skies aboveDSC_5801-Edit.jpg

And more skies, still above…DSC_5803_HDR.jpg(actually, same sky, different position and process but he still has this thing about mono crops, barley being his favourite but will make do with wheat tonight, it was late and he was running out of ideas)

First; Looking south from my favourite spot, up and down panorama x3 merged Lightroom and then imported into Photoshop to create a into a left to right panorama, Raw file with layers is 750mb. (That’s the monster, not me honestly)

Second; looking North West, the Sun was setting just to the left of shot and reflecting off of the high weather cloud and vapour trails. Edited in Silver Efex 2.

Third;  Nik Collection HDR Efex composition of the same sky from a slightly different angle 3 shots at different exposures and I see a swooping thing with a skull… And mono crops… Isn’t pareidolia a wonderful thing!

I had bugger all at 8pm so I consider this a save! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/186 There Is a reason for the national past time…

Oh I am so torn at the moment, yes, I would like clear blueness and fluffy clouds but the sagging skies are quite endearing… The rain makes the barley smell like beer too! Almost a win win!


Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/175 Peaceful Times…

So, here we are, just a few hours away from the nation’s decision and I think it’s going to be a tight one. I voted the way I was always going to and still have hope that the small majority feel the same. The main thing is, no matter what the outcome the world is not going to end, Boris is not going to teabag the United Kingdom in oblivion and David C (you choose the second word) isn’t going to Baguette fist the White Cliff Of Dover. We’ll all wake up to relief, disappointment  or even blind indifference and carry on as before.

The great wheels of government and industry will continue to grind and crank in the bureaucratic, continental shift like speed of change and we will continue to live in the most peaceful of times that Europe has ever seen. In recognition of that todays shots are of a symbolic flower used to remember those who had to live through and die in some of the darkest of times.

Battered By The Rain DSC_4102

Poppy Field SkyDSC_4133-Pano-Edit.jpgBoth taken today, first in Milton Keynes this morning and the second from the A303 looking across the Blackmore Vale towards Duncliff this evening.

Peace Peeps! x