The world provides the drama. Just sit back and enjoy.


Seven days to go!


Manual 365/284 And The Weather Is…

Still bloody wonderful! ;o)dsc_7413-pano-2Shot from the top of Westbury White Horse.dsc_7396-pano-editThere is definitely a chill in the air but it’s blowing in from Scandinavia so it’s keeping the really dull shite out in the Atlantic, long may it continue.

And there endeth the meteorological lesson for today.

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/204 That Was The Day That Was…

And we’ll never get it back but bear this in mind, we are just silicon age hunter gatherers with better tools and a bit of cash!DSC_6794-PanoEvery one who’s ever lived managed to get us to where we are now. they didn’t know the risks but we do and I think we owe it to them not to fuck it up….

Peace Peeps! x