Manual 365/289 The Destroyer Of Beauty…

I am ashamed, this no longer exists…dsc_8175I have heard of it before, where you take a photo and then destroy the thing you shot so no on else can get that photo. (There is an actual name but I’m buggered if I can remember what it is) When I first heard of it I was appalled, nothing could be more selfish, more insular and down right nasty but, now, I’m guilty of it too. In my defense, I really did have to mow the lawn…

DSC_8187.jpgPeace Peeps! x

Manual 365/272 Bloody Hell, That’ll Hurt!

dsc_5914Once upon a time there was a poor old soul, cast from heaven into a bramble bush (That’s just nasty) but so it’s told, he still holds a grudge and on Michaelmas Day every year he expresses his displeasure by pissing or spitting on the fruit of the bramble so the blackberries become bitter and nasty. Back in the day (You know, when he was piffing) when this was being told it was the 29th September but apparently now it’s the 10th October. I don’t know why Lucifer’s so busy tomorrow… But, hey, that means we get another 11 days of bounty so fill your boots! ;o) And just tell Beelzebub to bugger off!…DSC_5921.jpg Just a couple of minutes with my extension tubes and a Bramble bush, just outside Salisbury, and now I’m going to hell… ( I’m not)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/268 It’ll Be All Light…


Ok, I know, today’s shots are a tad on the abstract side and I will admit, I was struggling to find any inspiration  I have managed to scout a location for the obligatory steel wool on fire clichè. I know it’s been overdone but that’s by others and I’m dying to have a go and the nights are getting darker so it’s going to be soon!

dsc_5644In the meantime, the light was not great today and all my wide landscapes were flat and did nothing. So, slumped at my computer I thought I’d try my 36mm extension tube and get really… Really close to the subject and pop! Top one’s a little LED torch shooting from about 10mm straight into the light and the second’s a little battery lamp. Obscure I know but shots none the least!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/256 Little Ball Of Green And Blue…

What are you doing to me? I’m clambering over fences, getting funny looks from people who’d rather watch me than look to the sky…

dsc_4750Or in a field, led on my belly among the stubble, amazed at the tiny flower that’s been waiting for the towering mono-crop to be reaped before stealing the show! And that’s just on Monday!dsc_4727

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/192 Right Time, Right Place….

Yesterday I awoke early, refreshed and looking forward to a day full of golf, laughter and a few beers…

Today, somewhere around lunch time I peeled my head off the pillow and looked through the rough end of a brewery sized hangover at my red, angry, sunburned legs. Eventually I managed to grunt my way into somewhat dulled, consciousness but it’s been fragile. I have though managed to edit a video together of yesterdays shots, taken with my camera by Monica, which kind of gives you a clue into the finesse and skill involved in our game of golf…

You can find it on YouTube here 

Today’s shot on the other hand is somewhat more subdued, I had to pop out earlier and the light was changeable. The sun was dropping low in the sky and the clouds were busy. I pulled over to get a shot across a barley field that was bathed in bright sunlight with dark clouds in the background. By the time I got into position cloud had covered the sun and the shot was gone…. But, I spotted movement a hundred or so yards off to my left, along the edge of the field. A pheasant, who’d seen me and was heading off in the other direction. And a hare, that hadn’t and was gradually making its way towards me. I lifted the camera to my eye and waited. She, (I presume a she but I could be wrong) was in no rush and nibbled at the plants along the edge of the barley as she continued to hop in the direction of the still a little fuzzy but excited human. I pushed the shutter on my first shot, fully expecting her to startle and disappear off into the long grass but she kept on coming. The wind has been quite strong today and was at my face so I’m thinking it carried the my (slightly beery) scent and the sound of the shutter away from her. In the end she was no more than 4 or 5 meters away and well within the reach of my 105mm lens.


Realization dawned on her then and a fraction of a second later, she was off.

Still, it goes to show, sometimes you just need to stop, look and listen and the right situation will present it’s self!

Lead in…


And Gone!DSC_5662.jpg

Peace Peeps!