35×35 The Silent Goose Step

DSC_9742.jpgThere’s room for your Coke so enjoy the ride…

I had no idea when I took this shot it would have this effect it has but it did, it’s almost mechanical. It’s just a small independent cinema in Salisbury but it screams to me, take a seat, make yourself comfortable and listen to us…. Now, change your mind!

Down that route lies ruin. We know that, we need to remember that.

And, because I can’t stop thinking about it… My lunch tomorrowDSC_9915-Edit


Manual 365/275 A Brush With Modernity…

I have a block, I know what I want to say but I have no idea how to say it… I want to vent my anger at paying 30 quid for cinema tickets to a film so dire it’s shocking, I want to complain about the nacho chips that I’ve been fantasising about since Tuesday that turned out to be soft, six quid a pop and topped off with rubber jalapenos. I want to rant about the kernels on popcorn, and their ability to lodge so easily in the back of your throat and then become so unmoveable  that only a tracheostomy with a Dyson will elevate the choking and hacking…The packet of sweets that you paid so much for you would expect a spectral hand to appear and feed you silently and regularly throughout the feature to make sure they’ve lasted the duration but in reality the crumple and cracking of the packet so loud  it was actually disturbing those sat in row 7, three screens away, but that didn’t matter because they’d gone by the end of the hour and a half of adverts we had to sit through…

And the only shot I got was of a Cockwomble parking in the way in the garage on the way home, so I guess  I was in the wrong mood to get a usable shot today so I’m going to post a picture of stacked stones taken yesterday in a wonderful setting because even though I’m moaning like an old git I do appreciate the good moments!DSC_6118.jpgDon’t get me wrong, it was a day spent with the family, full of chat, disagreements, philosophy, physics, laughter and good steak which was great but the cinema, that was just shite, and then there was the cockwomble…dsc_6155-edit-edit-editAnd the film that was sooo bad? Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children… It’s a cross between Swallows and Amazons and a really bad shopping experience at Waitrose… Just shite… Really!

Peace Peeps! x