Manual 365/269 There Are Those Who Do…

And there are those who REALLY DO! Let me introduce you to Macey, Macey is a mother, a runner, a cancer survivor, a runner (when I say runner I mean really runs, miles and miles… and miles) and now she’s a skydiver DSC_5723.jpgMacey put out an invite on Facebook last night to come along so I was able to witness the main event and my only challenge was not to bugger up the shot!

Well, I got the before ok.

The launch was a little bit of a longshot for my 50-300mmdsc_5758(That is Macey, she was first out!)

The way down (I think that’s her on the right)dsc_5779And then the landing…dsc_5804And the lesson for today: Rent a 600mm if you’re going to try and shoot something moving straight down at 125mph 3 miles away!

Macey is raising money for the Bath RHU Cancer Care Unit and Macmillian Cancer Support, two charities I know are very close to her heart. You can find Macey’s Just Giving Page here pop along and give a bit, I just did! DSC_5805.jpg

Congratulations Macey on an astounding achievement, best go out for a run to celebrate! ;o) x

Peace Peeps! x

PS Oh, and she’s going wing walking next!


Manual 365/249 Quintessentially…

DSC_4263-EditEnglish. The flag, the church, the chimney and the grey skies… What more could stir the emotions in an Englishman?

*Whispers* Actually, I hadn’t got a shot off all day and was determined not to use another Aber Porth shot so this is just outside my back gate but don’t tell anyone… ;o)

Peace Peeps! xx

P.S. 14232483_1838916543059819_2635251359268955657_nGraham finished his JOGEL today and was last seen enjoying the ice cream he’s been looking forward to for the last 874 miles. A truly great feat! Well done Mate!

Manual 365/247.5 Sheps JOGLE Update… He’s Made Of Iron!!!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged that a work colleague and friend was completing a John O Groats to Lands End cycle ride for Diabetes UK. He started a week ago and is currently 700 miles in and I’ve neglected to mention it earlier… Bad Blogger!

So, tonights extra blog is dedicated to Graham Sheppard, only two days to go Fella and I know you like the sunsets / sunrises so here’s another from this morning.


The original blog is here

You can follow his progress on his Facebook page and if you fancy digging deep, his Just Giving page is here. (He’s doing amazing there too!)

So, Shep, if you’re reading this, you’ve broken its back, only a couple of nice easy days (I’m kidding) to go!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/199 Sheps’ JOGLE

11 years ago I partook in the Rob Roy Challenge a 16 mile hike followed by a 39 mile cycle ride across the middle of Scotland I was proud to finish it and I still look back at my achievement and smile. Along side (in front) of me during this challenge was a guy called Graham Sheppard. Now, I’ve known Shep for a long long time and there’s one thing about Shep; once he gets something in his head, come hell or high water, it’s going to happen. The Cycle bug bit on that challenge and 11 years and a bit later on the 27th August this year Shep is starting his John o Groats to Lands End ride. He’s planned it over 10 days, completing 100 miles a day and aims to be at the finish line on the 5th September. Graham is 60 and has been diabetic since 1982. He called me this morning and asked if I would get a couple of shots of him in his jersey and I was honoured to! DSC_6417DSC_6416

You can find his Just Giving Page here

All proceeds are going to DiabetesUK

And his Facebook page is here

Best of luck Fella and mind out for them Beasties!

Dig Deep Peeps! x


Manual 365/120 Heros!

There are numbers, great big numbers of fellow human beings who take that little bit of time to do that little bit more to help those that need it by volunteering. No pay, not a lot of recognition and an awful lot of work… But, occasionally, they do get chance to paint!

The natural human condition is to help, it’s evolved into us and eventually it will overcome.

Thanks to all the Volunteers, Trusties and most importantly, Organiser, (Sandie) at the Rosemary Goddard Centre for the good they do in the community and the pleasure they bring to their guests and letting me wander about with my camera.


Peace Peeps! x