35×35 Beyond Perimeters…

DSC_9597-Edit-2Weather sealed?…



You bet!

Tucked away in it’s nice little baggy away from harm?


No chance! If it’s going to bugger up then let it bugger up doing what it should be doing.


Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to find a couple of bags of rice!

Manual 365/90 Context…


Snatched a bag? Running for a train? Or dancing in the street?

A moment captured can tell a million stories but there can only be one truth and that truth is fundamental.

He was dancing, having a whale of a time and I’m sure the smile that once would have played across his face is there, just blurred by age and effort but I’m with you Fella! I remember what it felt like but you, you lived it!


Thanks again Portugal for getting me out of a tight spot… (Todays limited shots were awful) these shots were taken at the Loulé Carnival back in February.

Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/40 Parcel Tape and Feathers (And Not A Lot Else) Maketh The Costume!

A few days ago when we first enquired with the locals into the Loulé Carnival a concerned fellow holiday maker sided up to my wife and muttered, “I wouldn’t bother Dear, I’ve been today and there was nothing there.” Now, I don’t know what Planet Grump this particular being came from but I can categorically say Loulé Carnival is absolutely outstanding. The people were friendly and the beer cheap. Unfortunately the weather was shite(ish), Brolly sellers were making a killing! But they still put on one hell of a spectacle and all of the head dresses running for cover when it rained was funny as! The floats and costumes, or nearly costumes, were out of this world!

Now, unfortunately, because I wanted to make sure I got as many shots off as possible I deviated from Manual mode to Aperture Priority Mode and buggered it right up, most of them are blurred because of movement, thinking now that I maybe should have used Shutter Priority and checked… Often! Lesson learned!

I did get a few I liked though, I’ll start with a Serenade and the feathers and end with the parcel tape.

For the record, Manual was used for the guys on the horse and trap.







And now, the manual settings bit.DSC_5502.jpg


And a bonus, Spectators Section! DSC_5652.jpg


Anonymarse…DSC_5390.jpg That’s actually my Mother In Law and her hubby Robbie! Love ya’s guys! x

It’s late here so I’m going to rush this bit…



Flickr (I remembered the address!)

Peace Peeps!