Manual 365/347 Dark Flight

dsc_5261Even if you think there isn’t a shot, there probably is.

My day involved a 440 mile round trip on one of the dullest, shortest days of the year and things were getting desperate but there’s always Caen Flight in Devises and I was scooting around the usual A350 snarl up. It didn’t look promising…dsc_5262…but low cloud and reflected streetlights came to the rescue. (I am not endorsing light pollution, honestly I would have much preferred moonlight) Ok, I had to jack the ISO right up to 3200 and the shutter was open for 13 seconds so if you pixel peep the noise is horrendous and there’s no detail in the shadows. But I like

I even managed to get a HDR composite using three shots at ISO200, 800 and 3200dsc_5258_hdrSo, tip for tonight… Embrace the darkness and don’t fall in the canal…

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/127 Stress Is Relative

DSC_0010-EditThere are moments when I’m driving and I take a moment to look. To really take a look around me and detach myself from my little now… This is one of those moments, the lock is against him and he’s on his own and that’s a real bugger! So being the caring fellow I am I thought about giving him a hand, only for a moment though, before I got back in my van and turned left on the A43 heading for home. I still envy his views though…

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/78 Listen And Learn

You’ll have to forgive me but this blog is going to be a little rushed and very short.

I’m off down the Beaumont Art Gallery in a few minutes to listen to a talk given by the Great Landscape Photographer, Charlie Waite

There is currently an exhibition of his work in the gallery and is most definitely worth a look if you’re passing. If not you can check out his work here it is phenomenal!

My effort for today is a shot I got while up in Ellesmere Port (Not from today but my blog my rules!), there’s a small canal system (I got a night shot off there a few days ago) next to the ship canal that runs parallel to the River Mersey.


Got to go!

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/20 Why The Long Face?

Why The Long FaceThink I need to work on my Portrait shots! The Bugger got bitey too so must remember, 50mm, wide aperture and stand the hell back!

I am going to invest in a 50mm Prime lens though. I found out last night that the stock lens with the camera while very good for getting fairly standard shots and a great wide angle 18mm it only captures up to 8 megapixels per shot. The D3300 can take up to 24 megapixels and a fast prime lens would be able to maximise it’s potential.  (Credit to This Week In Photo for furnishing me with this info!) And it’ll force me to think about composition, position and I’ll be able to do better Bokeh!

Great day today, cold and crisp and I managed a shot of a Kingfisher too…pKingfisher,_Common3_LukaszLukasik

The picture above is not mine but is what a Kingfisher looks like when the sod stays still and is good enough to wait until you’ve taken the picture… (Credit to the website I snagged it from)

This was my effort…


Prize for the first person to spot him… I’m still proud I managed to get two shots off with him in the picture. The other one was completely unusable but hey ho!

Other shots I managed to get today are:

1st Bridge on the Aylesbury Arm Of The Grand Union CanalDSC_3353 (2).jpg

This Could Be The Perfect Saturday MorningThe perfect Saturday Morning.JPG

Red KitesKites

I’ve heard a rumour that tomorrow morning, about 5:38am the ISS is going to pass overhead and Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury will be there too and it’s meant to be clear apart from fog so I will be on a hill trying to get a long exposure without a tripod, freezing me bits and you will probably get a few blurred images tomorrow, sorry in advance!

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Manual 365/18 Colour On The Cut

CSC_3272 (2).JPG

My god, how bloody hard is it to find something, anything, colourful at this time of year! A featureless grey sky and damp greens and browns! Thank god for the canal! These weren’t the prettiest of boats but I like the used, lived in feel that slight imperfections create.

I’ve used the built in editor on the camera to highlight the reds and blues and then converted to black and white. Nice little touch me thinks. The picture has been cropped slightly because of some pesky reeds on the right hand side that are insisting they’re red… They’re not, they’re brown.

The boats were on the Kennet and Avon Canal in Claverton  The road down is narrow and there is nowhere to turn and reversing out onto the Bath Road is a bit of a bugger…. That I found out!

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